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Alejandro Enríquez

full stack developer & project manager

Puede desplazarse Barcelona

  • 41.3828
  • 2.1774
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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Alejandro.

Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, España
Puede trabajar en tus oficinas en
  • Alrededor de Barcelona y 50 kms


Duración del proyecto
≤ 1 mes
Preferiría evitar:
≥ 6 meses
Tamaño de la empresa
11-49 personas





Habilidades (9)

Alejandro en pocas palabras

During the last 3 years I have been a freelance software developer with the aim to become one of the best in the market, I have worked on several different projects with different technologies in this amount of time and this have gave me a set of skills that combined with my last master in Software Architecture and my previous 5 years of college career allows me to give solutions of value for my clients.

I’m currently studying a master in project management because I realised that my technical knowledge is good and wanted to move myself a bit away of the technical part of a project to build another skill set.

By studying the software architecture master I learned a lot of new high end technologies that are required in the current market and gain a different way to understand software.

During the college time I dedicate to study the three most important branches of the Engineering of Sciences and Systems:

Computer science where we study the most meticulous parts of the software operating system and its different types, the latest technological advances in networks to the most complex artificial intelligence algorithms.

Systems methodology were learn to develop systemic thinking and to design scalable, robust and highly available systems using the most appropriate architectural patterns, we also design the systems in a simulation program to predict their behavior and optimise them.

Software development in which we develop software from its core, data structures, orthogonal cubes built from simple nodes, file systems similar to the Linux file system developed purely in C, relational databases, non relational databases, databases Analysis for Business Intelligence and the development of cloud services orchestrated by an EBS.

Beyond that I would like to say that I am a dedicated person, goal driven, a good communicator, who is always punctual, responsible, fulfilled and again I love learning.

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