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Alejandro Ortiz

especialista en branding y content marketing

Trabaja a distancia desde Madrid

  • 40.4167
  • -3.7036
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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Alejandro.

Localización y desplazamiento

Madrid, España
Trabajo a distancia
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  • ≤ 1 semana
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Habilidades (21)

Alejandro en pocas palabras

Especialista en Branding y Marketing de contenidos, apasionado por la relación entre el Marketing y los Recursos Humanos.
He trabajado en empresas en Nueva York, Berlín y Madrid.
Me encantan los idomas y generar contenidos sobre cualquier tema.


Inetum - Inetum

Employer Branding Specialist

Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, España

octubre de 2018 - Hoy

Employer Branding Specialist Direct connection between HR and marketing to facilitate better communication and understanding of the branding work to be done to grow as a company through our employees. - Communication: o Internal: management of communication destinned for employees, such as monthly activities, programmed events, initiatives and other relevant content for our colleagues. o External: communication of the initiatives to the outside to make known all the great ideas and activities that are done within the Gfi family, as well as the initiatives that are carried out, internal events and others. Optimization with search engines to promote microsite and Talent adquisition. o RRSS: Management of Social Media for internal campaigns, promotion of the employment microsite, management of Gfi product publications, video campaigns promoting the value of employees and the company. - Events: o Internal: Preparation, invitation, management and direction of the monthly welcome session and coordination of those carried out in the other delegations. Preparation, management and execution of internal meet up's(events where a Gfi experts presents a topic of interest for the rest of the company). Preparation, communication and management of team building events: sports events, guitar lessons, wine tasting, yoga, photography... Preparation, management and execution of the company's Christmas events. o External: Management, preparation and attendance at job fairs and other events related to attracting talent. Attendance as a back up to other external events - Management: o Preparation of reports and feedback after any internal event. o Purchase orders for the participation in events, materials or merchandising necessary for the realization of such events. o Dissemination of internal events through different channels (intranet, posters..)

idealo internet GmbH

Content marketing manager

Berlín y alrededores, Alemania

septiembre de 2017 - mayo de 2018

->Up-to-date product and manufacturer data, offer processing - Production of product, data, image, text, TB-relevance according to prioritized order by TL(Team Leader). - Daily processing of tickets, legal inquiries ... appropriate feedback to the client. - Optional depending on the authorization group - daily updated price alarm. - Optional depending on the authorization group - editing of product images. - Optional depending on the authorization group -Create advisory texts. ->Theme & category development - Preparation of decision templates for the development of the subject area with consideration of usability (purchase advice, overview ...) - Independent market and competitive analysis. - Preparation of keyword research regarding usability (purchase advice, overview ...). - Search for category new buildings and conversions. - Search for filter development and / or correction (for optimal usability) - Corresponding communication and coordination with tangent departments, transnational teams and staff. ->Ensuring quality standards - Quality control and quality assurance in the frontend after prioritized order by TL. - Checking the frontend contents of assigned categories, filters, texts ... regarding usability (purchase advice, overview ...) - Daily follow-up of the product line to avoid duplicate content, errors and corrections. - Addendum of identifiers (increase automation rate) - Error correction after ticket receipt, corresponding feedback to client. - Goal-oriented participation in training and active application of what has been learned.

arvato AG

Microsoft Business / Premier Customer account management in Arvato Bertelsmann

Münster y alrededores, Alemania

octubre de 2015 - mayo de 2017

- Management and Optimization of customer accounts. - Professional Website support. - Handling Premier support. - Handling requests. - Guiding and taking care of Microsoft Learning Partners. - Intensification of customer loyalty.

Cuponix CB

Co founder

Valencia y alrededores, España

febrero de 2014 - diciembre de 2015

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