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Alfredo Lopez

it project mánager y network & wireless engineer

Puede desplazarse Vigo

  • 42.2377
  • -8.72472
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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Alfredo.

Localización y desplazamiento

Vigo, España
Puede trabajar en tus oficinas en
  • Alrededor de Vigo y 50 kms


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Habilidades (9)

Alfredo en pocas palabras

Senior Telecommunications Engineer specialized in WAN / LAN, Wireless and Radio Microwave Links, always eager to learn and focused on development ecological solutions for Users (Understanding as Customers / Employees / Suppliers / Business and ecological units for a solution that contributes without generating damages or collateral problems) where the analyzes focus on the implementations of the main trends of the moment (Big Data, IoT, Mobile First Web App, BlockChain, AI, CyberSecurity), but not to follow a fashion, but from a critical analysis, innovative, assertive and
creative that focuses on the optimal use of resources, seeking the most appropriate solution to the needs, budget and business vision of the Client. Support and Optimization of architectural legacy solutions focused on the Administrative and Operational Areas within the Oil
and Gas Industries, demonstrating mental agility and constant creativity, in addition to working under pressure. Specialties: Extensive experience in RF installation of all kinds for the Oil& Gas industry or related companies or outsourcing, for almost any
type of applications SCADA, DATA, VOICE, VIDEO, etc., in a wide range
of frequency and equipment such as, MDS 9710A / 9790A (Now
General Electric), Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent LSY 9600, MPR 9500, Huawei
NE-40, NE-80, RTN-950, RTN-980 y RTN-980L, Cisco (Wide Variety of
Families of Switches and Routers, in addition to the entire ExTandberg
Family now Cisco Collaboration, besides USC fundamentally for Call
Manager, Call Manager Express), Motorola, TelRAD (WIMAX and LTE).
Interconnection of different varieties of networks (SCADA, LAN, WAN,
LTE, VOIP, ATM, PSTN, etc.).

Also: a user for +16 years on Open Source platform, especially Debian,
Ubuntu, focused on support infrastructure for Telecommunications
Monitoring Services under SNMP protocol, (like Nagios, CACTI, etc.),
and programmer in +10 Years on C/C++ Borland, +4 Years on JavaScript/CSS/HTML and +2 Years in Python.

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