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Antonio Revuelta Martos

dirección & transformación financiera

Puede desplazarse Madrid

  • 40.4167
  • -3.7036
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Localización y desplazamiento

Madrid, España
Puede trabajar en tus oficinas en
  • Alrededor de Madrid y 50 kms


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Habilidades (28)

Antonio en pocas palabras

Finance & IT Transformation / Head of Finance / Finance Manager with over 19 years of experience leading France, Belgium, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, local and global finance functions within two European multinationals. Direct reporting to the Executive Committee, the CEO, the Central Bank and to the Workers Council. Deployment of Shared Services Center. Conducted downsizing & personnel optimization. SAP migration and implementation. Internal, external, operational and Government audit conduction. Tax subsidies, tax Optimization and Transfer Pricing management. Intercompany flows management & consolidation. M&A and integration of targets. Business Plan preparation and follow-up. Cash Management and Working Capital Improvement via renegotiating payment terms, credit rating & management, Bank negotiation and VAT recovery. 7 years experience with SAP R/3 and SAP HANNA workshops. Other ERPs utilized: SAGE, Odoo, Zoho & Navision. Other automation projects: treasury management, forecasting, period-end and reporting. Strong understanding of the opportunities ownership criteria and of the funnel management: migration into SalesForce of a 2000 items funnel. Conducted the IFRS15 transition and IFRS16 implementation for a €150M business.
- Having Big 4 experience (Deloitte & KPMG, 10 ys).
- Trilingual English-French-Spanish and beginner Arabic level.
- I have lived and worked in the US, Russia, India, Romania, UAE, Turkey, France, Belgium, Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia. In Spain, both in Madrid and Barcelona.
- Lecturer at the Swedish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Masters Degree from CUNEF and IE, INSEAD


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Inverness Financial Advisory Services

Head Of Finance And Administration  - Como freelance

Madrid, Spain

noviembre de 2018 - Hoy (3 años y 5 meses)

Business Support Services. CFO-on-demand Interim Management. ERP implementation Automation. Digitalization. Process Improvement. Outsourcing. Personnel Restructuring. Debt Restructuring. Valuation & Due-Diligence. Audit. Mediation. Contract basis.

Cámara de Comercio Hispano-Sueca de Madrid

Corporate Member  - Como freelance

Madrid, Spain

noviembre de 2018 - Hoy (3 años y 5 meses)


Finance & IT Transformation Positec  - Como freelance

Leganés, Madrid, Spain

abril de 2021 - enero de 2022 (9 meses)

-Leading the SAP implementation effort for POSITEC SPAIN & FRANCE subsidiaries.
-Responsible for Finance, Logistics, Customer Service and Inventory Management.
-Leading a team of 15 we are moving from an in-house developed ERP to the standard SAP solution for the Positec Group coordinated by Germany-based EMEA CFO and Suzhou-based SAP consultants (SYNTAX).
-Together with local experts we are completing the roll-out by ensuring Tax and Regulatory compliance are fulfilled.
-Have driven the outsourcing of several out-of-SAP-scope activities that are still crucial to ensure business continuation.
-With a large array of Spain & Germany-based vendors I have conducted a RFQs to manage:
*T&E (Concur)
*Direct Debits remittances (PHORON)
*Bank reconciliations (PHORON)
*VAT management (EY)
*SII-synchronization (EY)
*Intrastat (EY)
*Local GAAP Financial Statements (AA)
-Additionally I am on top of recurrent daily activities such as:
*Tax-filings (111, 115, 303, 390, 232)
*HR-management (Social Sec, Health and Safety at the Workplace, 7p, forecasting, talent management & T&E)
*Payroll (have sucessfully automated the payrun process)
*Cash forecasting
*Group Reporting
*Customer profitability
*Credit control
*Overdues recovery (decrease of delinquent AR by 50%)
*External audit
-Have conducted training and workshops and prepared learning material for a non Finance-trained team introducing newly-heard-of concets such as cost centers, profit centers, profit segments, reporting dimensions, allocations cycles.
-Have established the closing & reporting calendars and enforced professional treasury management procedures.
-Finance Improvement Plan for next year includes:
*PO-based procurement: tresholds & approval workflow determination
*Transfer Pricing Compliance Assesment
*Agreed Upon Procedures Review (w/ Group auditors)
*Spanish Central Bank Reporting
*Accounting Quality Review & Enhancement
*I/Co Transactions Consolidation and Derived-Cost Management
*SAP Stabilization


Group Head of Finance  - Como freelance

Nivelles, Belgium

noviembre de 2018 - diciembre de 2019 (1 año y 1 mes)

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