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Augusto Osta

creativo / editorial / gráfico

Trabaja a distancia desde Palma

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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Augusto.

Localización y desplazamiento

Palma, España
Trabajo a distancia
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Augusto en pocas palabras

As a popular advertisement says: “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round heads in the square holes...”. It suits me well indeed. Aesthetics is part of my DNA, as well as nonconformism around so much stupidity, and nonsense. I enjoy quite a lot the creation of graphic material, ideas, concepts, and messages. I am definitely not the one that would work for mamuts —big corporations— neither for poor followers of trends and modes. I like art quite a lot, and I think Sir Damien Hirst, Mrs. Andrew Warhol, and Mr. Jeff Koons sucks. I love classical music, which makes me company every day. I love to read, and I have a crush for publishing. After three years of thinking and doing, I create entirely by my own —writing, editing, illustrating, layout, design, guerrilla marketing and so— a great print niche magazine, which despite being counter cultural, was acquired by the libraries of the universities of Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Texas and Berlin. I also love to travel, since the discovery of exotic cultures makes me feel connected. After college degree, instead of making a career into graphic design —spending lots of time in front of a screen becoming an automaton— I looked inwards. Midlife crisis at twenty three. Was tough but saved me from a zombie life. During some journeys around south America and southeast Asia, I tried always to find a way to cooperate and get involved in enrichment experiences. Thus, I remember some graphic design assistance for entrepreneurships in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Nowadays, I’m dwelling in a beautiful spot in the Mediterranean sea, while I try to make a living from those passions. Pleased to reach you. If some of this has resonates with you, maybe we can project together’.-


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Prensa & medios

Editor fundador

Montevideo, Uruguay

junio de 2014 - junio de 2015

Fundador de la publicación impresa de nicho 'riQueza'.
Concepción Diseño Estrategia Escritura Guerrilla marketing

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