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Axel Isouard

senior react, angular, node developer

Trabaja a distancia desde Alicante

  • 38.360892
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Localización y desplazamiento

Alicante, Spain
Trabajo a distancia
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Github : aisouard aisouard
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Axel en pocas palabras

As a freelance software consultant, I am dedicated to delivering robust, scalable, and maintainable digital solutions that provide long-term value to my clients.

With over 7 years in the IT industry, I have developed a diverse set of technical expertise in the following areas:

· Cloud hosting management with tools such as AWS, Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes
· Front-end web development with technologies like Angular and React
· Web service development using NodeJS and Java Spring MVC
· Database management with MySQL and PostgreSQL
· NoSQL database management with Redis and MongoDB
· Cross-platform mobile app development with Flutter and React Native
· Desktop application development with HTML and Electron

I can also provide the following project management tools in order to help keep your project on track and ensure its success:

· Jira, a popular tool for agile project management
· GitLab, a complete DevOps platform and source code repository
· SonarQube, a code analysis tool that helps improve code quality and detect vulnerabilities
· Sentry, a real-time error tracking tool that helps identify and fix issues quickly

Test-driven development with tools like Cypress, Jest, JUnit,... will ensure that your solution is thoroughly tested and any potential bugs are addressed early on. My commitment to this approach will allow us to focus on delivering the features and functionality you need while meeting the deadlines, rather than spending time and resources fixing issues later in the project.

I'm here to help with your new software initiative, support your existing system, or provide assistance with migrating to a new platform. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project and let's work together to find the right solution for your business!


Electronic Identification, S.L.

Agencias de subcontratación

Angular / Spring Java Software Developer

Madrid, Spain

enero de 2020 - marzo de 2022 (2 años y 2 meses)

Implemented Dashboard with Angular 11, Cypress, Jest, Storybook. Migrated Spring backend version 4 to 5, wrote JUnit tests. Adapted Git repositories to the Agile workflow, enhanced GitLab-CI processes with Docker Buildkit.

Synograph SAS

Consejo & auditoría

Node.js Backend Software Engineer  - Como freelance

París, Francia

mayo de 2019 - diciembre de 2019 (7 meses)

Rewrote a PHP backend from Symfony 2 into Node.js using the Express framework and moved it to Amazon Web Services. Used S3 for file storage and upload, SNS for push notifications, RDS for MySQL database management. Done in TDD with Jest, Selenium.


Agencias de subcontratación

Node / React Software Developer

Paris, France

enero de 2018 - mayo de 2019 (1 año y 4 meses)

Rewrote web application with React, migrated services from monolithic architecture to AWS with Cloudfront, Serverless, Node.JS and Express. Caching done with Redis, made asynchronous requests with AWS Lambda and RabbitMQ. Wrote Selenium tests for the web application and Appium tests for iPhone and Android.


Agencias de subcontratación

React Native / C++ Embedded Software Developer  - Como freelance

París, Francia

septiembre de 2017 - enero de 2018 (4 meses)

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