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Belén Balado Herrero

content creator & content strategist

Puede desplazarse Barcelona

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Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, España
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  • Alrededor de Barcelona y 50 kms




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Belén en pocas palabras

Hola world!

I'm Belén. I am Spaniard who has recently moved from London to Barcelona.

I am a word lover so that is why you can find me around here! I am happily working from my studio. At Cursiva, we conjure up content tailored to the Spanish-speaking market, enabling brands to shine and connect in Spanish.

I began my professional career at Diario de Pontevedra as a Cultural Editor. After a one-year stay in Ireland, I moved back to Madrid as an Account Manager at the ad agency, Sra. Rushmore, working for brands such as Coke, Minute Maid and Limón&Nada.

And from one capital to the next. In London, I gained experience in the retail industry working for The Fold London, one of the top 5 most influential fashion brands in the UK. Furthermore, I had the chance to launch the Círculo Creativo London, a personal project for Spanish creatives to showcase their talent.

I am an advertising professional with experience in both agencies and press media. My expertise covers a wide range of duties from creating and managing editorial and branded content for on/off platforms to managing client and customer relationship both nationally and globally.

I consider myself a creative person, constantly keeping ahead of the latest trends. I am a positive thinker, with a can-do attitude.



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Content Creator & Content Strategist. Founder at Cursiva

Barcelona, España

enero de 2018 - Hoy (3 años y 11 meses)

We create, manage and analyse written content that connects your brand with your Spanish-speaking customers.
Content creation Content Strategy Community Management Edition

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