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Cat Lemaire

brand & graphic designer

Trabaja a distancia desde Barcelona

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Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, Spain
Trabajo a distancia
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Habilidades (7)

Cat en pocas palabras

I am a graphic designer and creative strategist. I graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Brighton and then studied Graphic Design in Belgium and Spain. I work with clients from around the world as I speak English, French, and Spanish. I grew up in Belgium speaking French at school and English with my mother and family. I have now been based in Barcelona for almost 10 years.

I have worked in small NGOs as well as a large international company. Throughout my corporate career, I have covered positions such as Graphic designer, Studio coordinator, Art director, and Brand and Creative Manager for several European markets (France, Spain, DACH, Italy).

In 2021, I decided to come back to what I really love doing: Brand Design. With the strategic, organizational, and technical skills developed throughout my career, I founded my own Brand Design studio where I work with existing and starting businesses as well as with event organizations.

My mission is to build brands that make sense, help them connect with their audience but also I make sure to create a visual system that will be sustainable over time depending on the company's needs and resources. Having worked in small and large organizations, I understand the reality of running a business. That’s why I adapt my deliverables files and formats to different needs and realities. I am keen to provide templates and tools which my clients will be able to use in the future without depending on a professional graphic designer.

If you are looking to build a strong and unique visual identity for your Brand, you are in the right place. Get in touch with me to start building a Brand that matches your unique personality.


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Vendo Services

High tech

UI Designer  - Como freelance

Barcelona, CT, Spain

abril de 2022 - julio de 2022 (2 meses)

Full UI design in Figma for the redesign of Webpage after the rebranding project.
Deliverables included:
- Full design system including type scales, colour UI System, and over 30 components for desktop and mobile devices.
- Lay out of all 19 pages;
- Imagery selection;
- Iconography;
- Illustrations
UI Web Design UI Diseño UI Figma Design System Illustration Iconos Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

Vendo Services

High tech

Brand Designer  - Como freelance

enero de 2022 - mayo de 2022 (4 meses)

I designed a 360º visual identity system.

We started by identifying the brand personality and archetypes of the company.
After a visual benchmark and trend research, we established a design roadmap which was the base for the Design work.

All following elements were designed to create a full visual identity system
- Horizontal and Vertical Logo in different colour variants,
- Avatar lockups,
- Typography,
- Brand Colours,
- Patterns,
- Iconography,
- Photography guidance
- Detailed Brand Guidelines Book

Marketing materials were also created as part of the projects such as:
- Business Cards,
- Email Signature,
- Invoice Paper template,
- Website homepage.

Extra marketing support was given as an additional service such as Fair banners, roll-ups and stand preps, Email templates, Social media feed templates, Corporate Videos, etc.

Full Project here: https://catlemaire.com/portfolio_page/vendo-services
Brand Design Graphic design Brand Strategy Branding Logo Design Figma Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop


Consejo & auditoría

Brand Designer and Creative Strategist  - Como freelance

Barcelona, Spain

abril de 2021 - Hoy (1 año y 5 meses)

I am a co founder of WeCanvas Consulting. I dedicated part of last year to lead the Brand strategy, Visual identity and Web Design project.
By designing different collaborative workshops, we came to many important business and brand decision such as brand fundamentals and naming.
This was the first step before working on the visuals.
Once the visual identity was agreed upon, I started working on the Website design and content.
I currently deliver all the social media and communication assets and participate in the elaboration of the communication strategy.
Figma UI Web Design Brand design Branding Branding & Identity Brand Strategy Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

Royal Caribbean International

Viajes & turismo

Creative Manager

Barcelona, Spain

octubre de 2018 - junio de 2020 (1 año y 8 meses)

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