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Cristina B.

ecommerce- marketplaces expert- graphic-full stack

Puede desplazarse Madrid , Madrid

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Localización y desplazamiento

Madrid, España
Puede trabajar en tus oficinas en
  • Alrededor de Madrid y 50 kms
  • Alrededor de Madrid y 100 kms


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  • Arte & artesanía
  • E-commerce
  • Educación & e-learning
  • Recursos humanos
  • Sector médico
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50 - 249 personas


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Habilidades (24)

Cristina en pocas palabras

Multitasking. I can coordinate, different projects at the same time, like different shipments and production in different points of the chain. We help businesses in order to maximise sales using a combination of listing optimization, retail arbitrage and wholesale sourcing methods. Helping sellers source, inspect and ship their private label products around the world. Marketplaces passionate seller.
Strategic Coaching.
E-commerce expert.
Mentoring Skills. I taught lessons to people of different levels and ages multiple times.
Ability to speak in public as I showed in seminars and public conferences getting honorary award for it.
I can create new marketing skills and strategies focusing on clients.
I am able to use computer software to raise sales and position products.
Using informations to create a channel with vendors, buying supplies, managing stockrooms or commercial libraries, and getting data from a variety of sources. I can coordinate, different projects at the same time, like different shipments and production in different points of the chain.
Positivity, creative and enthusiasm are always a goal, every single day at work. I feel passionate about what I do, it gives happiness to me and the people around.
Many of the skills learnt from different jobs were transferable to another. I can work effectively in a team, fit in and offer a valuable contribution.
I am keen to learn and progress, I am enthusiastic and willing to take on new challenges. A methodical approach. Strong communication skills, both verbally and written. Excellent attention to details. Good numeracy skills.
Knowledge of any relevant Payroll, HR and staffing issues.
Resolving capacity and ability to do so.
International Relations and diplomacy. Improvement of processes and application of new technologies for the promotion of productivity.
Able to prepare effective Business Plans.
Administration, Management projects and Good negotiation skills. PMP experience.




Ecommerce Expert- eCommerce Marketplace Specialist and consultant

Madrid, Spain

diciembre de 2017 - Hoy

I'm a young technologist fascinated by the synthesis of data and how it informs actions. I love technology and I am very involve in it. I studied programming and I have a technological medical background.
At the moment, I help e-commerce brands unlock algorithmic growth on Amazon. Specialties include: Marketing, eCommerce & Amazon, Communications,Public Relations, Digital Campaigns, Product Lifecycle and Business Management. I'm an Amazon FBA consultant with experience in all key aspects of what it takes to run a profitable business on Amazon. I have helped companies double and triple their revenue using Amazon as a sales channel. I have a company that gives services like website creation, designing and branding and gives companies a full package of services maximising results and clients satisfaction.
Previous life:
Strong Academical background in the medical field, writing books and getting awards for speeches in conferences. Extensive experience in BPO Business process outsourcing. Particulary in digital distribution of information for the corporate sector. Working in solutions that combine efficiently technology, services and information to reduce complexity and costs for our customers.
My professional experience is linked to E-Commerce focused on retail and the development of marketplaces. During my more than 10 years of professional career in this sector, when I had my first E-commerce at just 18 years, I have developed a great ability to efficiently manage teams and all the operative areas of an ecommerce; from digital marketing, customer service or negotiation with suppliers, to stock management efficiently. My orientation to results means that I always look for the best ROI for the company and achieve the objectives set. Consulting, teaching, motivating & inspiring other business people to become successful Amazon sellers.
I helped clients define business objectives as it pertains to web technologies and implement solutions which meet those objectives. I also assisted clients with day to day operational objectives including both network infrastructure and website technology.
Worked with our teams to develop client website and ecommerce businesses. Some of the solutions I implemented included Amazon Marketplace, Fulfilled By Amazon, WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, ShopSite, Shopify and many more. Always looking forward to expand businesses. We offer comprehensive services for current & future online sellers. Owning a company as well, that provides any kind of digital services like programming, websites, app developing, all kind of graphic designs like flyers, posters, banners, app icons, logos coordinating multidisciplinar teams in Spain and abroad. Holistic suite of marketing services including SEO, SEM, digital strategy, email, UI/UX design and ecommerce web development.

I develop and execute lead generation/paid acquisition strategies. Manage concurrent inbound and outbound campaigns across multiple channels and platforms.
Whether you need someone experienced to look at your account and make recommendations for improvement, or someone to help you with specific aspects of your Amazon business, I'd love to help.
I create and manage B2C e-commerce business. This includes setup and management of various e-commerce platforms and marketplace channels.
I also am involved in product development, purchasing,budgeting, technology integration, EDI, helpdesk and anything else that comes along. Helping Increase Sales and Profitability on Amazon.

My core skills are in clean and efficient keyword research, listing optimisation to increase conversions, and sponsored products ads.
Public speaking at e-commerce conferences webinars, coaching and supporting e-commerce at the highest levels.
- Listing Optimization (SEO)
- Keyword Research
- Amazon Sponsored Products and Amazon Marketing Services Ads
- Traffic and Keyword Ranking
- Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
- Branded Storefront Optimization

- Marketing Promotional Calendar

- ManageByStats
- ZonPages
- Helium 10
- Viral Launch
- Merchant Words
- ManyChat
- Facebook Ads
- PPC Entourage

- Google Tools

Technology strategist:

DevOps, Java, Python, JS, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, SEO, Linux, GCloud, Scrum. Git

Mainly working in Data driven platforms. Development and optimization.

Corporation CMS,Digital Marketing, CRM, ERP
XLM, DITA, S1000D, ILS, eLearning, CMS, DMS
Creation and e-distribution of contents

-Vendor management, order & invoicing management.

-Creation of deals and deals at Amazon: Deal of the Day, Lighting Deals, as well as the development plan for major events on this same platform: Black Friday, Prime Day and Back to School.
-Amazon Marketplace Brand Management and Channel Growth.
-Study of keywords for the production of product files through files and manually for Ebay, Amazon and Prestashop's CMS with special emphasis on branding. Several of our products are ranked # 1 in their category on Amazon.
-Study, stock planning and product maintenance in marketplaces: Amazon and Ebay. Customer service in these platforms, ensuring customer satisfaction and good performances of the seller. Benchmarking, market research and search for new products. Creation of new product lines and brand.
-Search for new business lines: Amazon, Groupon and many others.
-Wide experience in incidents in Amazon Seller: product blocking, POA development, case opening and agent management.
-Strategy Development Amazon Seller account.
-Manage subordinate performance KPI.

-Coaching Subordinates.

-Organizational construction.

-Marketing Manager Development.

-Budget Formulation and Budget Control.

-Pricing Management.

-Analysis of results and objectives.
-Expert in marketplace cross border trade & order fulfillment. (Specifically with Amazon EU and eBay).
-Highly technical.
-Created and manage the Amazon Advanced Strategies and Tactics group to test tools/tech and 7+ Years’ experience in Amazon and marketplace sales growth, marketplace software, optimisation, revenue and procedure improvement.
-Marketplace gross sales avg+61% a month.
-Product sessions (traffic increased) +52%.
-Net Margin Increased. AOV increased. CBT increased. BB% increased. Feedback to unit ratioincreased. Consult clients and actively manage accounts to maximize revenue, market share and ROI.
-Cross selling
-Pricing and Promotional strategies.
-Develop the promotional strategy for the category including: forecast, goals, and quarterly planning.
-Generate insights on consumer demographics, behaviours and patterns, correlations etc for targeting purposes.
-Run performance analysis on the following domains: Portfolio, Operations, Financial, On-site, Campaigns, Market share, etc on a recurring basis, with occasional Deep dive studies on performance issues / growth opportunities in all domains
-Deliver category and campaign specific insights and improvement recommendations to category marketing managers and ecommerce managers
-Management of AMS platform for given category optimizing spend based on budget
-Drive internal goals for the category and translate them into actionable strategies that can be measured and implemented across the platform.
-Manage and analyze reports & data portals from leading online retailers (e.g.Amazon, Ebay) and drive platform-specific insights to grow business.
-Management of purchase orders of international clients (ES, UK, DE, FR, IT,) and treatment according to the standards of the company.
- Coordination with the Supply Chain Department for the organization of shipments to international clients (ES, UK, DE, FR, IT).
-Analyze the overall online channel data to track business performance, translate data to insights and flag issues / optimization opportunities.
-Managing all aspects of independent amazon seller accounts including product listings, inventory management, risk assessment, marketing & advertising, and pricing strategies.
-Continuous sourcing and negotiating with Chinese, U.S., European and other Asian suppliers for high-margin products.
-Develop trending product lines, maintain quality control of products, and keeping up-to-date on amazon and online retail laws/regulations.
-Areas of focus include strategic business development, driving account revenue growth, maximizing SKU profitability, optimizing the catalog for branding / impressions / conversions, and maintaining seller account integrity.
-Placing reports, analyses and consulting-Responsible for improving various aspects of the shopping experience across all Amazon platforms in order to accelerate category growth.
-Management and maintenance of the Amazon E-Commerce Online account Seller Europe.
- Other Market places : Ebay, Cdiscount, Etsy, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Correos Marketplace...
-Responsible for take care the leads via diferent marketing channels.
-Acquisition of new clients and Loyalty of existing ones.
-Construction of the corporate website, communication aimed at customers and import of the products that the company sells from various countries in Europe.
-Logistics Control to ensure the supply of the Commercial Network.
-Development of Commercial Policy. Strategic product descriptions . ROI, KPI’s.
- Create and write campaigns, for growth the brand on those countries.
Amazon PPC/Sponsored Ads Expert in different markets.
-Manage category and propose insights to the Ecommerce sales and marketing organization.
-Build and optimize various marketing campaigns through Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other online channels.
-Prepare go to market strategies for new product launches based around current marketplace landscape and competitor market share.
-Analyze key metrics and implement data-driven strategy across marketing campaigns, inventory management, pricing, fulfillment strategy, product management, content management, and CRM.
- Assist in brand and product development across all e-commerce channels.
- Internal coordination with administration, accounting, purchasing and logistics and external with clients.

- Daily supervision of the after-sales channel, search for solutions and opportunities.

-Branding and Social Media Expert.

Skills / Specialties:

-Amazon Marketplace Account Management (Seller Central Platform).
-Amazon Business Reporting / Analytics.
-Competitive Analysis.
-Unauthorized Seller Identification.
-Seller Central Product Promotions.
-Shipment Reconciliation / FBA Fee Audit.
-DropShipping / Merchant Fulfillment.
-Basic Content Optimization (Copy, Images, Video).
-Enhanced Content Optimization (Enhanced Brand Content, A+ Content).
-New Product Listing Creation.
-Catalog Structure - Parent-Child Variations / ASIN Merges.
-Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns (Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, Product Display Ads).
-Full Spectrum FBA Strategy.
-Brand / Product Discoverability.
-Amazon SEO - Keyword / Search Term Optimizations.
-Improving Branded / Non-branded Organic Search Term Rankings.
-Shipment Strategy and Logistics.
-Flat File Feed Management & Optimization.
-Maximizing Profitability by SKU.
-Product and Seller Review Generation / Customer Service.
-Frustration Free Packaging.
-Product Sourcing / Private Label Brands.

Dinero Enterprises Limited, Hong Kong (China)


General manager

Madrid, Spain

enero de 2014 - Hoy

Company focused on trading on different products and machinery. Focusing its market in Africa and South America. Leading the development of the Company's strategy and marketing.
I) Ensure the Company is appropriately organized and staffed and to have the authority to hire and terminate staff as necessary to enable it to achieve the approved strategy. Prioritising and managing workload of the employees. Overall operations. Using skills to organize large amounts of paperwork and data from different locations, companies and items.

II) Travel to China and other countries and get selling agreements and control the production chain and the quality of materials bought. Working under stress in a busy environment supporting and teaching office teams in order to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day activities. Communicate with clients and work colleagues using emails etc. Handle petty cash, floats and expenses.
III) Continually meet and exceed the operational and administrative expectations of the company. Provide accurate administration of all paperwork generated at Office level. Find and obtain information and documents about materials, purchases, companies, procedures very quickly.
IV) During all the time working in my own companies I had to select the people working with me, and go through different cvs, do interviews, being the first point of contact for all general HR enquiries, administration and correspondence. Ensuring all paperwork received is scanned and stored both electronically and on the employee's paper file. Managing sickness records and the overall sickness administration of the company. Handling all the staff enquiries on a daily basis. Talking to both existing and potential employees on a daily basis. Writing individual non-standard letters and emails to employees. Ensuring that all company HR processes and procedures are properly followed. Welcoming new employees and arranging induction programs for them. Reviewing, auditing, and verifying monthly benefit invoices.

Saint Paul American Christian School (Korean Boarding School), Clark (Philippines)

Educación & e-learning

School Coordinator, Spanish Teacher, Dormitory Supervisor.

Phillipines, Trinidad and Tobago

enero de 2013 - marzo de 2013

The main duties as a School Coordinator was to help students find training stations based on their career objective and solving their academical problems. Review and complete training agreements and plans with each student, training supervisor, and parent. Observe students at work.
I was responsible of holding workshops with students, employers, and parents. I used to be the one resolving any issue that arise between the students and teachers. I did general teaching duties using evaluation instruments to measure student achievement.

I'm loving SouthAmerica Carmen Alto

Viajes & turismo

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Cuzco, Peru

marzo de 2012 - enero de 2013

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