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Emily Maree

full stack designer

Puede desplazarse Barcelona

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Barcelona, Spain
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  • Alrededor de Barcelona y 50 kms


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Hello, I’m Emily, a snowboard photographer turned Full-Stack Designer / Illustrator.

I help companies realise their concepts into an online presence through Illustrations, UX/UI design, Interaction design and Front End Development.

"Full-stack designers often end up with a more thorough understanding of their work, making it more consistent from research to production phases. Knowing the limitations and what to expect in development, while planning UX/UI wireframes, can keep concepts realistic. So not only are full-stack designers more knowledgeable about what can and cannot work elegantly in design, but they also have more realistic expectations before we even start pushing pixels or coding." - Dustin Cartwright


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Emily MaRee LLC

Consejo & auditoría

Full-Stack Designer / Growth Marketing Specialist

Barcelona, Spain

febrero de 2010 - Hoy (12 años y 3 meses)

In addition to design, I help business refine their marketing strategies by implementing an infrastructure that prioritises strategic changes based on data and user research, driving the most effective and efficient growth.

Infrastructure Components:
- Proper Event Tracking (filling in gaps)
- KPI definition and Accurate Data Analysis (identifying opportunities)
- UX research (verifying theories)
- SEM, ASO, SEO Marketing
- Product Marketing
- Inbound/Outbound Marketing
- Community Management
- Anything and everything to get users down the funnel at highly optimised rates!
User Interface Design User Experience Design Growth Strategies UX Research Inbound Marketing Responsive design Outbound Marketing Data Analysis SEM Social Media Marketing Motion design Solution Architecture

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