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digital marketing specialist | social ads

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Barcelona, España
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Janis en pocas palabras

Hi, I'm Janis! I am graduated in Business Administration and Management and I was graduated on the Master’s Degree of Digital Marketing and e-Commerce.

I have 4 years and 8 months of experience in the Digital Marketing branch. During all this years I have learned about all the tasks that a Digital Marketing Specialist do during his workday. I have been learning to be the only responsible of all the tasks of the Digital Marketing Department, so nowadays I can solve any kind of problems.

I can lead a team and I can do a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan. With the experience that I have achieved, I have learned that a campaign must be done through a strategy studied.

I can face all kinds of problems and offer solutions to your Company.

I am specialized in SEO, Social Media Strategy, Marketing influencer, Social Ads, Wordpress, Web Analytics, Content Strategy, Community Manager, Inbound Marketing, Copywriter and Email Marketing.


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Kapalua Trading SA

Moda & cosmética

Digital Marketing Specialist

septiembre de 2019 - Hoy

I currently work at Kapalua doing the following tasks:

- Social Media Strategy and copywriting of 8 different cosmetic brands
- Community Manager of 8 differents cosmetic brands
- Influencers management doing different kind of campaigns with them using Influence4you platform.
- Events management with Ardell brand: in one of these events I was working with @anabel.mua and in another with @gotymakeup3.
- Instagram Direct in events with Primor, Druni and Arenal.
- Social Media planification
- Photography of the different products of our brands.
- Social Ads
- Order and shipment management for influencers.
- Mailchimp
- Creation of a new community to sell our brands
- Write blog posts
- Do the briefings for our agencies
- Influencers management with Kolsquare platform
- Canva, Illustrator and Photoshop
- Web writing to sell products on Amazon


Redes sociales

Community Manager

abril de 2019 - junio de 2019

Working at Creatumarketing I was the Community Manager of 10 different brands. My daily tasks were:

- Responsible of the communication management at all the social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

-Metrics & Analytics

-Social Media campaigns (FB Ads & IG Ads of 17 different brands)

-Strategic Marketing

-Direct contact with the client

-Write all the copies for all the different campaigns

- Social Media Planning for the different campaigns


Redes sociales

Community Manager

septiembre de 2018 - noviembre de 2019

I work with the brands Bonpreu, Lidl, Sorli, SUMA and the play of The 39 steps. It's the first time that I'm a Community Manager of a play.
With the "39 steps" play my daily tasks are:
- SEO of the web
- SEM (Adwords campaign)
- Community management
- Blog management
- Planning the content to post on social networks (Facebook and Instagram)
- Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads
For Sorli, Lidl, SUMA and Bonpreu:
- Content writing for the different brochures
- Creation of novel content
- Corrections in Spanish, Catalan and English
- Translation

Fuego Camina Conmigo

Redes sociales

Community Manager

mayo de 2018 - septiembre de 2018

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