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Joaquin F

deep learning / machine learning / big data

Puede desplazarse Madrid

  • 40.429913
  • -3.669245
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Localización y desplazamiento

Madrid, España
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  • Alrededor de Madrid y 50 kms


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Joaquin en pocas palabras

Among a broad set of disciplines, I’d consider myself, if you will, as an Artificial Intelligence engineer innovating in some of these techniques to be applied to the aeronautical field and achieving research in this knowledge area. Thus, it requires strong analytical skills, good coordination, and scheduled deadlines. Furthermore, good written and spoken communication skills are indispensable for preparing reports and speeches in this research.

From a technical point of view, to code in different languages and hold knowledge in an extensive set of technologies. A list of my abilities can be summarized below:

- Complete background in statistics, mathematical and finance concepts (MonteCarlo models, Markov chains, etc.)
- Deep understanding of the whole Artificial Intelligence field (Computer Vision, IA interpretation, Transfer Learning, Domain Adaptation. NLP, Bayesian Deep Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Regressions, Time Series, Optimization problems, …)
- Knowledge in distributed, asynchronous, and concurrent programming languages such as Python, R, Scala and Javascript, Java, HTML, and other languages such as C++ and Ruby.
- Experience in distributed computing (Apache Spark and libraries such as MLlib) and streaming technologies (Spark Streaming).
- Broad knowledge of AI tools, frameworks, and platforms (Tensorflow, Tensorflow Probalistics, Keras, PyTorch, ...)
-Solid experience in data pipelines implementation, data warehousing, and No SQL databases (MongoDB, Neo4j, and Cassandra)


Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Reinforcement Learning Professor

Barcelona, Spain

julio de 2022 - Hoy (2 meses)

Professor of Reinforcement Learning subject in Data Science Master at UOC.

IMDEA Materials

Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Madrid, Spain

junio de 2019 - Hoy (3 años y 3 meses)

Thesis research:
- Development of tools based on Artificial Intelligence to predict defects/ wrinkles produced during the manufacturing process in Aeronautical industry.
- Development of simulation tools to study composite materials processing by means of resin infusion techniques and Machine Learning algorithms.
- Development of process control intelligent systems for the manufacture of composite materials by RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) using advanced Reinforcement Learning technologies. Funding: Regional Government of Madrid, Innovation Hubs call Region: Madrid Project period: 2019 – 2022 Principal Investigators: Carlos Daniel González

Andalucía Conectada

Data Science Professor

septiembre de 2021 - julio de 2022 (10 meses)

Author and professor of a Data Science certified course. This course has covered the following: Data Science Introduction, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Concepts, Cloud Computing, and Use Cases.

Better Consultants

Junior Software Analyst

Madrid, Spain

mayo de 2018 - junio de 2019 (1 año y 1 mes)

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