Josep O.

desarrollo web, ios y android.

Trabaja a distancia desde Girona

  • 41.9793
  • 2.81994
  • Tarifa aproximada 300€ / día
  • Experiencia 7 años y +
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Localización y desplazamiento

Girona, España
Trabajo a distancia
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Habilidades (47)



APP department Manager

Barcelona y alrededores, España

diciembre de 2016 - Hoy



Girona, España

noviembre de 2015 - Hoy



Girona, España

noviembre de 2015 - Hoy

Marbach Consulting



noviembre de 2013 - Hoy

Part of my responsibilities as COO are to ensure the correct approach, development and implementation of projects of the company, leading to the different teams involved in each of them and supporting them for proper completion in a timely manner. Additionally I am in charge of graphic design and brand campaigns MARBACH own, trying to ensure the care to detail and graphic style that characterizes us. Additionally assume CTO functions to choose the most appropriate technologies for each project and oversee the implementation of these in the most appropriate manner.

The Little Ant Bureau

Socio fundador

Girona, España

octubre de 2015 - enero de 2017

Grup Mifas

Manager of Taller GiroAssist

c/ Llevant, 6-8

enero de 2013 - septiembre de 2015

• Control of production • Quality control • Project Management • Personnel Management • Relationships with customers and suppliers • Control operating As head of the Workshop GiroAssist my functions include comprehensive management and shop floor control from production planning , to negotiations with customers and suppliers , to staff management and design of products and services we offer . These services cover a broad spectrum ... manipulated , logistics management , graphics and print projects , etc ... Authorized post How many of these agent services complement the massive postage and shipping documentation. Direct Marketing and promotion , database management , outsourcing billing and correspondence, etc ... To properly serve our customers , we developed our own technology solutions. These solutions when they are sufficiently developed and consolidated are sold to third parties. We also design and implement technological solutions, acting as external ICT consulting , optimizing the workflow of our customers.


Manager of R+D+I Department.


enero de 2008 - septiembre de 2015

• Research, development and implementation of technological solutions. • Introduction of new technologies on the enterprise job flux. • Implementation and manteinance of IT technologies.


Manager of TIC Department

enero de 2008 - septiembre de 2015

• Responsible for the adoption and implementation of advanced technology solutions to optimize workflow. • Implementation of security measures to the LOPD. • Optimization of servers using Xen Server virtualization technologies. • Migration of local technologies to cloud technologies.




enero de 2007 - enero de 2011

• Research and development of TIC solutions. • Incorporation of new technologies into daily work flow of the company. • Implementing and maintaining computer technologies. • Web applications. • SAAS Software. • Cloud computing.

Lógica Gironina

External trainer


enero de 2001 - enero de 2009

• Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Indesign • Acrobat • Mac OSX

EGE - Escola de Gestió Empresarial

External trainer

enero de 2001 - enero de 2008

• Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe InDesign


Graphic Design, Web Design, R&D


enero de 2001 - enero de 2007

• Graphic Design • Web Design

Casas Serveis Gràfics

Prepress Operator Workshot

septiembre de 1998 - junio de 2001

• Prepress Services • Scanner • Photo retouching • Design and Layout

Revenda, S.A.

Responsible for design and layout

enero de 1992 - enero de 1995

• Prepress Services • Scanner • Photo retouching • Design and Layout


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