Josep Servat

full stack nodejs react / bigdata spark

Madrid, España

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Josep en pocas palabras

I’m a developer with some knowledge in ops, doing a lot of stuff related to technology for the last 20 years. I’m very glad (and Lucky) to work with great people, super skilled, every day very passionate about technology that is useful for different types of people.

Some of my daily and preferred tools are git as a control version tool, vs code as editor, Node Js, JavaScript, Spark and go as my favorite programming languages and frameworks, Amazon cloud, and Digital ocean are my prefered cloud providers.

I’m very interested in agile development technologies Scrum, Kaban, Retrospectives, Stand Ups are also part of my day. AI and blockchain are also top of my main areas of interest for the recent future.

I like to do Knowledge Sharing talks with my mates and post articles in Medium. I’m looking forward to continuing to work on many more projects next year.


febrero de 2017 - Hoy | City de Londres, Reino Unido

Internet de las cosas

GuideSmiths Spain

Tes full stack developer in data engineering team

Develope microservices in node for the data pipeline, spark for batch and stream processing and react js apps.
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