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Marianela Bergoc

graphic designer & illustrator

Trabaja a distancia desde Berlín

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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Marianela.

Localización y desplazamiento

Berlín, Alemania
Trabajo a distancia
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Sector de negocio
  • Arte & artesanía
  • Banca & seguros
  • Automóvil
  • Arquitectura & urbanismo
  • Agencias de subcontratación
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Marianela en pocas palabras

Hello! I'm Marianela, illustrator and graphic designer specialized in art direction.

My passion is to understand the essence of each project and communicate what the client wants through illustrations that impact, be timeless and visually powerful.

I specialize in designing your image, your brand, and then enhance it in social networks with a good strategy armed taking into account the needs of the project and especially the users to whom it is intended.

I also studied product photography and foodstyling. So I am very comfortable with gastronomic projects.

Currently my style of illustration has allowed me to participate in several projects applying my illustrations to interior design and menus of bars and restaurants, packaging design, clothing design and posts design for Instagram feeds.

Listening and having good communication is essential to obtain a good result in the project.
I pay close attention to the needs of your project and yours as a client to help you as effectively as possible. In addition, I can advise and guide you on which path would be best if you do not have clear the goal of your project, logo, illustration, infographics ...

I like to have my work in detail. Investigate different paths to obtain the best result for you and especially for your project.

I hope we can work together! You can see my full Portfolio on my Instagram: @nelabergoc


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Et al. Creatives

Freelance Design Consultant

noviembre de 2019 - Hoy


Visual Designer & Illustrator

marzo de 2015 - Hoy

Graphic Design | Illustration | Art Direction Social Media & Digital Marketing

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