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Natacha Parmantier

marketing digital customer service franco allemand

Trabaja a distancia desde Paris

  • 48.858705
  • 2.342865
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Localización y desplazamiento

Paris, France
Trabajo a distancia
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Natacha en pocas palabras

Industries of expertise : Cryptocurrency, Hospitality, Tourism, Vegan Industry
Multilingual expert (native French, high level of : English, Spanish, Portuguese, German + intermediate Chinese)

With 10+ years working mostly in the hospitality and travel industry, being responsible of sales development and digital marketing, while having created also several companies of my own, I know what a company needs to find and retain their customers.

I would like now to put those skills in Sales, Customer Service, Social Media Marketing, Community Management, Translation for short missions.

My experiences in sales, digital marketing and translations in companies of various sizes enable me to work on any type of situation with expertise, focus and adaptability.

Having lived and worked in different countries (France, Germany, the UK, the US, Hong Kong, Brazil and Spain), I can adapt myself easily to different cultures and ways of working.

In 2022, I decided to add a new skill to my portfolio and studied UX / UI writing.

Why UX/UI writing ?

"You don't have to run after someone who knows where you are."

The user should never run after anything when he interacts with a product. We are the ones who have to remove the stones from the path.

That's why after years in social media marketing and translation, I thought it would be very important to get certified in UX/UI writing to bring companies the newest tools to make sure that the words they use removes stones from their purchasing path.

For that reason, with this new certification, I am now making sure that my content and/or translation fits the visual of the brand as well.

Available to discuss further what your company currently needs to succeed


Very Bloom


Customer Success - Service client DE and FR  - Como freelance

Valencia, España

septiembre de 2022 - Hoy (3 meses)

- Reply to customer inquiry for German and French market, in French, English and German
- Reply to customer complaints (from delivery or quality issues) for German and French market, in French, English and German
- Contact between Quality team, Customer Service Team and Customers
- Make sure to transfer any Quality issues back to the Production team to reduce such issues
- Handle requests, complaints in Zendesk and in CRM system


Videojuegos & animación

Translator & Video Games Tester for German market  - Como freelance

mayo de 2022 - Hoy (7 meses)

- Translation of some parts of German, Spanish and English version of the educational video game from French
- Translation of webpages taking into account SEO and UX/UI
- Video game testing for the French and German version

Surviving the Invisible Abuse

Salud & bienestar

Life Empowerment Coach - Consultant for companies on Employees Wellness  - Como freelance

septiembre de 2021 - Hoy (1 año y 3 meses)

The Surviving the Invisible Abuse - Boldly You Code Program is for companies who want to make sure that what happens behind close doors doesn't remain silent to help their employees have a high trust in their workplace and be more productive, so that the company can increase the overall happiness and confidence, employees' retention, productivity & profits.
- Helping victims of domestic violence regain confidence in themselves
• Helping victims of domestic violence find their true life purpose
- Helping victims of domestic violence focus on their future instead of
their past
• Guiding victims of domestic violence on their path of healing
Coaching Coaching individuel Communication non violente

Vacation Rental Social Media Marketing & Community Management & SEO

Viajes & turismo

CEO  - Como freelance

Valencia, Spain

enero de 2019 - Hoy (3 años y 11 meses)

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