Oriol S.

senior javascript · web/mobile · react/vue/nodejs

Barcelona, Spain

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Oriol en pocas palabras

Javascript developer with experience in building interactive experiences from the ground-up to large scale. Entrepreneur in the past with current goal-oriented entrepreneur mindset.
Productive and versatile, working alone or within a team. Experience in localization and internation- alization projects but also in complex data management & data visualization projects.



noviembre de 2018 - Hoy | Barcelona, Spain

Internet de las cosas


Lead Front-End (freelance)

Develop several Vuejs+Vuex projects from scratch to large scale. Each of them with totally different technical requirements.
noviembre de 2015 - julio de 2018 | Barcelona, Spain

Centros de investigación


Lead Front-End

• Develop several React (v14 to v16) projects from scratch to large scale. Each of them with totally different technical requirements.
• Design unit&acceptance tests; enzyme for unit tests and webdriverio for user acceptance tests.
• Use polyfills & polyfill.io to support rare browsers (ie9+, 320px mobile, full hd).
• Focus on architecture, security and code quality.
• Netlify-Webpack-Babel in a continuous delivery workflow.
• Manage the tradeoff between keeping continuously a nearly up-to-date stack without breaking compatibility.
abril de 2015 - noviembre de 2015 | Barcelona, Spain

High tech


Lead Full-Stack developer

Get technical requirements from non-techincal stakeholders and transform them into mock-ups and chatbots displayed onto client legacy websites by crossdomain integrations subjected to client security policies.
octubre de 2013 - abril de 2015 | Terrassa, Spain

Internet de las cosas



I played several roles on Nomorecode but basically Product Owner and Front end developer within a 4 people team that made an IOT platform from scratch, that can fetch, save, display and automate building heating, cooling and lighting systems on Dektop Ipad & Smartphone devices.


  • Entrepreneurship methodologies & strategies

    Euncet Business School


    Entrepreneurship methodologies & strategies

  • Computer Science


    En curso

    5 years degree


  • Spanish

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  • English

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