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Oulachyov Magomed

senior data scientist

Puede desplazarse Barcelona

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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Oulachyov.

Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, España
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  • Alrededor de Barcelona y 50 kms


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Habilidades (48)

Oulachyov en pocas palabras

Serious and very ambitious Data Scientist/Engineer looking for a new contract in Deep Learning (NLP or Computer Vision) or Big Data. The ideal mission would be to join a great team and project with an opportunity to share my ideas and have some impact on. Being autodidact and driven by the art of algorithms applied to data, I am continuously acquiring new skills in data science/engineering.

The recommendations from previous clients on my French Malt profile.


Faurecia R&D


Costing Data Analyst

Belfort, Francia

enero de 2013 - mayo de 2014 (1 año y 4 meses)

Core objective
Understand buy and sell market sides, and production processes of exhaustive line to apply machine learning

Collect publicly available data (INSEE, OECD, ECB)
Creation of databases by collecting data from Commodity Leaders, Financial Controllers and Costing Analysts Treating and processing data

Machine learning
Analyse the residuals of commodities
Analyse components of exhaustive line
Cluster the plants of Europe Division by the P&L components Predict price of commodities
Cluster exhaustive lines
Excel VBA R PCA ANOVA Time Series Analysis

Smart Engine

High tech

Big Data Analyst

Viena, Austria

junio de 2014 - diciembre de 2014 (6 meses)

Core objective
Development and application of machine learning algorithms to increase ROI of advertising campaigns

Machine learning
Treating and processing data
Customer segmentation to understand the key differentiators that divide customers into the groups Scoring model to identify prospects of products or services
Time series analysis to understand and predict monthly sales
Jun 2014 Dec 2014

Collaboration with a group of researchers from the University of Vienna on the CVAST software that detects different patterns and makes visual and reported descriptive analysis and clustering


High tech


Viena, Austria

septiembre de 2015 - octubre de 2016 (1 año y 1 mes)

Core objective
Develop a smart platform with automated supervised machine learning algorithms working with one click

Machine learning automation
Process and treat data before passing to the second stage of algorithm Apply supervised algorithm to the processed data
Deliver full report of results Deliver reusable trained model Continuously apply new ideas and optimise algorithms

Clients connection
Understand the client’s business POC
Connect client’s data via API to the smart platform
REST Python Scikit-learn Random Forest Kmeans XGBoost Data Engineering MongoDB Jupiter Notebook Anaconda Google Virtual Machine

Fason and Mymarshrut

High tech


Estrasburgo, Francia

noviembre de 2016 - noviembre de 2017 (1 año)

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