Peppe Iovino

Peppe Iovino

fotografo graduado en fotoperiodismo

Barcelona, España

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Giuseppe Iovino is a Freeelance Photographer, currently based in Barcelona.
He is a Young photographer that uses the cmera as a storytelling emotional tool. He has graduated reading a BA in PhotoJournalism at the University of South Wales, in Cardiff, UK. Since than, he has been working as freelancer working within several diferent photograph areas.: from portraitures till to live events and documentaries.

he worked on a wide range of photography and videography features, not only news and documentary but also live events, from festivals to concerts and theatre performances as well as a wide experience in portrait

He has been already since the university year developing several documentary photo essays in the UK and several other countries such as African and Middle Eastern ones.
Already after his first university year he worked on his first long term documentary project, called ‘Resilient Gazes’.
That is a portrait of the life in Gaza an year after the protection edge war.

This an year after has also been selected for an exhibition at the Centre Civic ‘Drassanes’ in Barcelona. Also some photographs from this project went into the book 'La guerra in un sorriso', The war through a smile', published by Marco Rodari.

The year after, not only he worked shooting several photo features on Spanish Political scenes, and traditional and cultural heritage, moreover he also has developed a long term project with the young refugees in Melilla, the Spanish enclave, Europe south door.
Furthermore he then went back to the UK and first worked on a book called beyond works, potraying the life of a group of workers of the Steel industry such a pillar in South Wales towns.
Then recently finishing his studies he got back to live between Barcelona and Naples.
In his hometown he has been developing a documentary project about the suburb of Naples
He recently worked shooting Spanish and Italian parliament election features as well as other main news stories.


  • ba photojournalism

    university of south wales


    graduado con un BA grado en Fotoperiodismo y fotografia documental, estudiando reportaje, fotografia documental, periodismo, narrativa social, fotografia y narrativa, edicion de foto y video, multimedia, transmedia, social media, fotografia comercial y nuevos mediosde comunicacion-, enluminacion avanzada para retratos.


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