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Philippe Julien

senior data scientist

Trabaja a distancia desde Pamplona

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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Philippe.

Localización y desplazamiento

Pamplona, España
Trabajo a distancia
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  • Biotecnología
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Github : PhJulien PhJulien
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Habilidades (32)

Philippe en pocas palabras

I am a data scientist with 10+ of experience working on diverse projects in industries such as genomics or mobile gaming.

My main expertise is the delivery of in-depth data analysis or data products using R or Python and their most common libraries (dplyr, ggplot, shiny, numpy, pandas, matplotlib,...).

I am also expert connecting the business and technical requirements of data and business intelligence and can do some project management and development consulting in these areas.

I also have experience mentoring and teaching data science concepts and data visualisation.


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Videojuegos & animación

Senior Data Scientist

Barcelona, España

marzo de 2017 - Hoy

As part of the Candy Crush Franchise Analytics team, I help the Candy Crush franchise leadership answer diverse key strategic questions using my skills in data science.

I am in charge of end-to-end project conduction, from initial outline with stakeholders to data collection, data analysis and reporting the final results to stakeholders. I have conducted several projects whose results have been used to take key strategic decisions on how to improve our games.

I also lead initiatives to improve our reporting tools and have coordinated the work of multiple teams to improve some of of our key reports and dashboards.

Main skills: R, SQL, Hadoop, data analysis, statistics, machine learning, reporting, data visualisation, project management, stakeholder management
R SQL Hadoop Statistics modelling data analysis machine learning data visualisation project management stakeholder management Big Query google cloud


Educación & e-learning

Data Science Project Instructor

Pamplona, España

noviembre de 2018 - abril de 2019

Developed a project for the DataCamp platform, teaching students how to use their Python and NLP knowledge to determine which texts from Charles Darwin are the most related.




Pamplona, España

enero de 2017 - abril de 2019

As a side-project, I developed Edith.io, a tool aimed at helping scientific journals editors to identify the right ex- perts in any bio-medical field by automatically analyzing more than 26 million published scientific articles. It is now discontinued.


Videojuegos & animación

Data Scientist

Barcelona, España

junio de 2015 - marzo de 2017

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