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Pol Alomar Casá

ingeniero de datos

Trabaja a distancia desde Barcelona

  • 41.400347
  • 2.159592
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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto se dará por comenzado una vez hayas aceptado el presupuesto de Pol.

Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, CT, España
Trabajo a distancia
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  • Biotecnología
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Habilidades (7)

Pol en pocas palabras

I am a very proactive person who is a fast learner, has good reasoning abilities and is very motivated to be a valuable team player. My technical experience is related to Business Intelligence including Data Quality, Data Integration and Data Automation with a client centric approach, and I have a special interest in working in R&D and programming. I also have a desire to be involved in meaningful projects, particularly in environmental sustainability. All in all, I am an eager candidate with my main values being perseverance, resilience and teamwork thanks to competitive sports (mainly basketball and soccer), who likes to take complex problems and make them simple.



Industria farmacéutica

Delivery engineer / Consultant

Barcelona, CT, España

abril de 2020 - enero de 2023 (2 años y 8 meses)

- Understand project objec&ves, change management dynamics, and translate those into (technical) project specifica&ons
-Responsible for managing the technical side of customer deployments, including: technical requirement gathering and systems understanding, ETL design and execu&on, technical customer support and rela&onship management, and deployment usage and key metrics measurement, analysis and repor&ng
-Analysis of commercial strategy and data alignment - transla&ng data into business
-Development of Services pricing approach (new implementa&ons & enhancements) </>


Banca & seguros

Data Analyst

Barcelona, CT, España

diciembre de 2018 - enero de 2020 (1 año y 1 mes)

- Performed data integra&on and data cleaning of 100+ files as part of Data Strategy and Data Governance team
-Op&mized storage and visualiza&on of data in order help the client improve decision-making
-Created dashboards with data visualiza&on tools (op&mizing data architecture)
-Defined KPIs alongside 3 clients by using ETL tools
-Took responsibility for crea&ng and leading deliverables proac&vely. Iden&fied and proposed solu&ons to obstacles </>

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