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Rafael Demenech


Madrid, España

  • 40.4167
  • -3.7036
  • Tarifa aproximada 267€ / día
  • Experiencia 7 años y +
  • Tasa de respuesta 100%
  • Tiempo de respuesta 4h
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Solo puedo ir parte del tiempo a las oficinas del cliente
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Busca proyectos en Alrededor de Madrid y 100 kms, Alrededor de Barcelona y 100 kms, Alrededor de Vitoria y 100 kms, Alrededor de Vigo y 100 kms, Alrededor de Arrecife y 100 kms
Busca proyectos en GO, Angular, PostgreSQL, .NET, SQL Server
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Busca proyectos ≤ 1 semana, ≤ 1 mes, Entre 1 y 3 meses, Entre 3 y 6 meses, ≥ 6 meses

Rafael en pocas palabras

I’m a Software Engineer graduated with 7+ years of experience, some projects were developing Windows applications, but in the last few years, it’s focused on web apps. My background is based on Microsoft Technologies with the .Net Framework, but not limited to Microsoft I also have been working with Go to create Web Services APIs, Windows Services and small custom apps. My frontend expertise is AngularJs and Angular2+ with 3+ years of experience and not excluding ASP.Net WebForms, MVC or pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript, jQuery projects, many of these support projects I work on to improve the UI, redesigning and given a better user experience, and high-quality backend code.


abril de 2018 - Hoy | Mineápolis, Estados Unidos de América

Educación & e-learning


Devops and Software Development

As a DevOps Engineer role, the main activity is the delivery of all products in the company's ecosystem also develop some internal tool to help developers on daily basis work.
octubre de 2017 - noviembre de 2017 | Chicago, Estados Unidos de América

Sector inmobiliario


Spacelogik Landing Page

SpaceLogik’s Landing page is a “one-page app” that show about the company and the SpaceLogik app. It was built after the client try to build it using those drag and drop online tools to create a website
abril de 2018 - agosto de 2019 | Montevideo, Uruguay

Edición de software

VFG Consulting

New Web

Developed a new website for the company to improve its virtual presence. It's a single page app developed using AngularJs
agosto de 2019 | Cascavel, Brasil

Comercio al por menor

Fael Supermercado

Web app Discount's Club

App web to register clients to participate in a discounts club in the supermarket, integrating with the ERP software and making the register available internally.
Front-end developed using Angular 7 (Bootstrap and Material Design) making it responsive. The backend is a web API developed using go and PostgreSQL and the integration service is a windows service develop in go running in the client's server getting data from the web app.


  • Degree in Computer Science



    Degree in Computer Science


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