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Sandra Bianco

freelance administrador y gestor de la propiedad.

Puede desplazarse Barcelona

  • 41.38506389999999
  • 2.1734034999999494
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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto se dará por comenzado una vez hayas aceptado el presupuesto de Sandra.

Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, España
Puede trabajar en tus oficinas en
  • Alrededor de Barcelona y 50 kms


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Habilidades (12)

Sandra en pocas palabras

I have lots of experience dealing in the management prop industry and also in the customer care area.
Speak english proficiency level( lived/studied and worked during 12 years in Edinburgh). Turism diploma. Also speak french and italian. Spanish is my native language.
I can provide you with references and recommendation from acquitances and current clients.
I can be the first point of contact for the property owner or for the letting agent with reogards to: 
- any tenant queries
- any maintenance issues
- any rent issues (document any arrears and resolve with letting agent)
Proactively come up with a solution to any of the issues that we may encounter above.
If maintenance issue arises organise quotes for repairs / maintenance and organise trade to fix the issue by liaising with letting agent.
Dealing with all admin related to all properties, e.g. re-finances - liaise with our mortgage broker with regards to mortgage interest rates, and send any documents he or the Solicitor will require.
Keeping the record of property purchases up to date.
Ensure all folders are up to date with the relevant documentation, e.g. Tenancy Agreements, photos, insurance docs, etc. 
I can produce, if requested, letters of recommendation of former and current clients.


S. Patel

Importación & exportación

Property Administrator

Barcelona, España

mayo de 2015 - Hoy (7 años y 10 meses)

letter of recommendation.
I reside in the USA and own a two-bedroom condominium in the Example district of Barcelona. It is a highly upgraded and designer decorated unit with classic Barcelona early 20th century period details. Ms. Sandra Bianco has taken full control of all aspects of the unit management (while I reside in the USA).

Sandra’s effort with respect to my condominium management has been indispensable. She has treated every aspect of the condominium management with utmost professionalism, punctuality, detailed and meticulous focus, anticipation, proactive recommendations, and most important, unparalleled management of third party contractors.

A few (but by no means all) specific examples which highlight and provide granularity regarding Sandra’s commitment, intelligence, diligence and creativity:

A water leak in the until above me resulted in considerable damage to the ceiling, new furnishings, electrical systems and woodwork involving the door
Without my instructions, she emailed me for approval to execute what she had already lined up. These include:
Contacting the insurance company-with constant follow-up resulting in not only all the approvals but issuance of a check to allocate any 3rd party contractors
Contacting the electrical contractors prior to the insurance approvals to save time
Contacting the painting contractors
Repair of the door and locking system with the locksmith
Synchronizing all the work with time sensitivity and efficiency
Managed all condominium policies and initiatives on my behalf. These include
Management of installation of new unit based water systems
All mailings sent to me
All bills including contacting the cable companies to troubleshoot billing, installation etc.
All design related initiatives and managed all the correspondence in a timely manner
Management of the water automation for the plants including self-initiated purchasing of the decorative plants
Management of the condominium cleaning
Developed a detailed schedule for the regular cleaning
Developed an itinerary for deep cleaning inclusive of curtains and all appliances

The aforementioned examples are by no means reflective of other daily issues which she has handled seamlessly and always focused on value-cost analysis. It has been a privilege and a source of enormous peace to have Sandra’s expertise to manage my unit. In fact, I often wish I had somebody of her talent managing our home in the USA! Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or input


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