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Sergio G.

business & product consultancy.

Puede desplazarse Madrid , Barcelona, Madrid

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Localización y desplazamiento

Madrid, España
Puede trabajar en tus oficinas en
  • Alrededor de Madrid y 50 kms
  • Alrededor de Barcelona y 100 kms
  • Alrededor de Madrid y 100 kms


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Sector de negocio
  • Educación & e-learning
  • Entretenimiento & tiempo libre
  • High tech
  • Internet de las cosas
  • Telecomunicaciones
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Habilidades (47)

Sergio en pocas palabras

I have experience building and managing products in a very wide and diverse range. My experience launching my own startup made me understand the process of the mix between business, strategy and product to market.

User first is always the end goal.
I have been part of all the phases managing the production of a tech related product and my background as an architect and designer let me organize and structure ideas and proceses in way different form than the usual in the tech world. At the same time my experience as a developer and in product production allow me to manage and communicate efficiency with tech & design areas.

I'm a creative mind who loves tech & design. Learn is something I will do forever.
I grew up between computers and craftsmen, since my father spectrum to clay modeling from my mother, which makes me see the world from an special point of view. There is an incredible connection between these two opposite fields.

The team is everything. Understand how is your team built and the abilities of each other is the most important thing to push the limits of it, creating value and innovation.

I'm passionate of every kind of mindful state of the art technology and its human implementation.
Always looking for challenge projects.
I understand design as part of everything, but a good designer should know how the build process work, understand the limits of what is possible, what it needs research, and learn the tech behind the desing.

I believe in the process of combining that "human language"​ with this "technology language" to produce something. I always try to look for the big picture.

Just a phrase. Question everything.


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Entretenimiento & tiempo libre

Product design, UX & UI design, front-end development

Madrid, España

marzo de 2018 - septiembre de 2018

Product and Brand consultancy firm. Small but strong team firm who loves mixed profiles to work in an easy and flexible culture based structure.

Freelance consulting for two big sized projects. MadBeach and AroundLounges.

We had to conceptualise a product built for a brand that was producing an event with different points of interaction physical interaction in a place.
User app, Staff app, admin website. Ticket bridge. CMS + API.

UX & UI Design, branding.



Product Manager

Madrid, España

octubre de 2017 - abril de 2018

Product Manager at a tech startup.

I got into consulting with the company in a delicate situation because they were having complicated moments managing the relationship. Business, product, development, and most important deliver.

The core of the company was non-technical and the development of the product was 100% outsourced this driving into a complicated communication and dependency for a fast iteration environment.
This had generated tension in the direction of the company and the early investors. I saw it as a challenge.

During the consultancy period, the first part was to first identify these problems in the cloud of company decisions and ideas about their future. And then try to create a roadmap that could fit the quite stretch time-to-bomb range they had.

The first point was clear. Get a simple version of the product in the process already developed but no finished version.
- Get in the control of the remote developer team.
- Organize and create a methodology for constant weekly work delivery.
- Simplify the product as much as possible to ship as fast as we can and don't let technology drive the product decisions. Clean it from not clear features and let only user-centered and validated ones as a priority to finish.

*Problems found:
- Communication between parts is in red flag status and as soon as I go deep into the project I realize that this is the core problem.
- The tech team has built a complexity not necessary for an initial state of a product, which makes changes and evolution go slower than expected.

The Roadmap is reorganized taking into account problems and setting some goals to reach in product delivery, timing, and investment needs in order to make it the next round.
As soon as the project continues, the direction of the company shows doubts about the reorganized roadmap and inability by pressure to the founders the simplification of the product making even more complicated the decision making "free of chains" and fast iteration.


Educación & e-learning

Co-founder. CEO & product manager, designer, front-end developer.

Madrid, España

octubre de 2015 - octubre de 2017

A project based on pushing the evolution of online forums.
How could they be?
Which is the purpose of a forum?
How to improve this kind of communication between people?
The goal is making it so easy and so fast to participate in an online discussion or topic.
Curating them and offering quality content.

An interaction platform where people express themselves with short videos. Think about mixing Quora + Youtube + Snapchat.

Got selected in:
Tetuan Valley, startup school, Madrid
Incubated in Google Campus Madrid
1st place Europe Startup RoadShow
Mind the Bridge Startup School, San Francisco
Pioneers 500
IN3 Madrid

I did many jobs as it was a project small at first. Ideator, product manager, designer, front-dev, UX, comercial, manager, pitcher, financial, accountant.
Just doing everything it needs to let the project grow.

In the process I've learnt:
· The importance of the team to build something addressable.
· The importance of going global since day one.
· Steps to bring a product from zero to market.
· How to raise capital building a communication plan, decks, discourse.
· The relationship between, time, launching, time to market, bootstrapping a company steps.
· The importance of long term networking.
· The importance of being user first mind
· The value of lean developing procesess
· Technology as a tool for change.
· The importance of managing capital and the startup mindset for short & long term goals and milestones.
· How to build user centered experiences.
· The importance of marketing and how to invest time and money in it.
· Mindset for constant evolution and fast iteration.



High tech

Architect, 3d modeling, research, scripting, digital fabrication.

mayo de 2015 - enero de 2016

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