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Trip Levine

senior fullstack developer, mobile ready

Trabaja a distancia desde Barcelona

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Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, Spain
Trabajo a distancia
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Habilidades (22)

Trip en pocas palabras

I am a full stack developer and overall development director with now over twelve years experience in all life cycles of app development. That is from ideation to market. I have worn all hats in the trajectory from devOps, Designer, UX, Frontend, Backend, Database Management, and Product Development.

My core work revolves around React Native [ Redux / Flow ] and Ruby on Rails. I am comfortable in the weeds of native instruments such as Objective C and Java. Several of my ventures were in the healthcare vertical, so I carry with my coding skills, a fully-vetted expertise in HIPAA/HITECH.

I have acted for over ten years as lead developer and director of development managing a remote team. My work consisted of in addition to coding -- architectural design, strategic API development, partner integration, and long term trajectory planning. Partners included many Fortune 500's and verticals within the highly regulated markets of Healthcare and Fintech.



Edición de software

Director of Development and Lead Developer

San Francisco, United States of America

marzo de 2011 - diciembre de 2020

Leading strategic dev and integration on multiple fully vetted healthcare verticals exceeding HIPAA / HITECH standards. Responsible for lifecycle management; ideation to iOS/Android distribution, as well as interoperability with secure partners. Responsible for documenting contingency, risk assessment, policy design, and data encryption.

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