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Daniel Perales

salesforce | marketing automation | data analysis

Madrid, España

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Daniel en pocas palabras

After 7 years evolving on the digital world, I am certain that I have found my passion. Thanks to my collaboration on some very succesful and fast-growing startups, I have learned both E-Commerce and Lead Generation techniques. I have led Marketing, Data, Product and Platform departments, involving creation, analysis, priorization and execution of complex tasks regarding acquisition (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads), marketing and CRM automations (Salesforce Cloud,, Mailchimp), product management (Jira, Trello, Zapier) or data analysis (Google Analytics, GTM,, Tableau).

I am an enthusiast of Data and data-driven decision making always trying to optimize conversion rates and ROI in all of the challenges involved.

I also believe in the huge power of processes and automation as that can leverage huge increases on profitability and efficiency.


marzo de 2016 - marzo de 2019 | San Francisco, Estados Unidos de América

Educación & e-learning

Product School

Head of Platform and Data | Product Manager | PPC Manager | Data Analyst

- Managing a group of Salesforce Developers and Consultants, I led a complete restructuring of the data model inside our organization with more than 20 new Custom objects and hundreds of fields and new relationships between them.
- Definition and execution of complex new integrations between Salesforce and other platforms using APIs and Zapier extensively, with more than 400k tasks executed per month.
- Creation of an automated process in order to publish events and all its related objects with just the click of a button in platforms like Eventbrite, Meetup, Website and Salesforce. Also implementing specific flows to allow this system for external organizers across the globe.
- Developing a new checkout system, integrating Paypal Pro with Salesforce and enhancing the whole management of Payments inside Sales Cloud with automatic calculations of refunds, installments, revenue and commisions.
- Creation and definition of new marketing segmentation using the proper CRM data. implementation of 75+ automatic sequences (both Segment and Event Triggered using involving Webhooks, SMS, Email or Push Notifications.
- Definition of scalable solutions and workflows for the increase in our courses (offline and online) and location offering.
- Creation of a customized Outbound Calling system inside Salesforce using Visualforce pages and Twilio integration.
- Implementation and definition of several Slack Bots and notifications across the company, giving KPI and key information to stakeholders in each channel automatically.
- KPI definition along data reporting and analysis oriented to advise with actionable and SMART data insights on Weekly Leadership meetings.
- Being the main point of contact for any technical issue or requirement impacting company processes.
- Integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud in all of the company departments, getting rid of Google Spreadsheets, thus hugely improving data quality, processes and efficiency across the board.
- Creation of new automated Customer Journeys, creating different status for each qualification stage and defining the messages and touchpoints for each of them.
- On the Paid Acquisition side I managed dozens of campaigns on Adwords, Facebook Ads and Linkedin Ads creating a new structure, more scalable and organized, that allowed 2x growth on ROI for our courses offerings.
- Creation of a PPC actual profit dashboard applying customized scripts and techniques to insert Source, Medium and Campaign data into Salesforce, mixing it with monetary information and a unique attribution model in order to measure channels and campaigns performance in real time.
- Continuous improvements on the Website (GTM tagging, Forms creation, new Landing Pages, A/B Testing, loading speed performance, sync between Salesforce and Wordpress objects) using Agile and Scrum methodologies.
marzo de 2013 - marzo de 2016 | Madrid, España



Product Manager | Data Analyst | Marketing Manager

-Propose, create, define, prioritize and analyse tasks and projects in order to improve checkout page´s conversion rate.
-Proposal, implementation and analysis of A/B and multivariate testing.
-Adapt checkout page to mobile devices (more than 60% improvement with the first tests)
-Setting up the strategy of new alternative payment methods implementation.(doubling conversion rates in Netherlands or Poland)
-Constant communication with I.T teams and stakeholders all across the company
-Identification of profitable opportunities in the checkout page
-Understand completely the company needs in order to create, track and analyse KPIs. Identify needs and propose actions.
-Continuous reporting of KPIs insights to the management team.
-Support CEOs with data mining to elaborate business plans, forecasts and budget allocation.
-Propose and analyse A/B tests.
-Lead the Universal Analytics implementation.
-Responsible for in-depth measuring of payment methods performance.
-Train Marketing, Content and Communication departments in Data Analysis techniques in order to make always data-driven decisions.
-Creation of dashboards, charts and graphs with MySQL (ChartIO) in order to ease the daily work of all company and make reporting automatic.
-Data gathering and management for PR clipnotes
-Bug reporting
-Product team assistant


  • Doble Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas y Comunicación Audiovisual

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

  • Máster de Técnicas de Marketing Online





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