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Maria Delfina Haene

dpo / dpd - abogada

Trabaja a distancia desde Barcelona

  • 41.3828
  • 2.1774
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Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, España
Trabajo a distancia
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Maria Delfina en pocas palabras

Hi! my name is Delfina and I am a corporate lawyer with more than 12 years of experience advising multinational companies in various industries (commodities, food, automotive, real estate, among many others). I specialise in drafting and negotiating contracts, advising and carrying out constitution, mergers and acquisitions of companies, trademarks and patents and personal data protection. With the aim of having a global vision of companies, I have graduated as a Master in Business Administration and as an expert in data protection based on the GDPR.


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Haene Consulting

Consejo & auditoría

Data Protection Expert

Barcelona, España

diciembre de 2020 - Hoy (2 años y 3 meses)

I advise and support entrepreneurs and companies with regard to the implementation of the GDPR. I carry out the analysis and application of the regulation to the particular company. I provide specific consultancy on data protection issues. I offer masterclasses for those who are taking their first steps in the world of data protection.
Consultoría Análisis de datos data protection consulting Análisis de negocios asesoramiento legal asesoramiento protección de datos personal data protection masterclass asesoría legal legal

Haene Consulting

Consejo & auditoría

Corporate Lawyer

Barcelona, España

noviembre de 2017 - Hoy (5 años y 4 meses)

I advise on general corporate matters and draft all types of corporate documentation (bylaws, amended bylaws, board minutes, shareholders' minutes, minutes, shareholders' agreements).
I also provide advice on corporate reorganisation and restructuring (mergers and acquisitions). Filing with the supervisory authorities.
Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts.
I carry out the implementation of 'Continuous Improvement Processes' in companies.

JBS Argentina S.A.

Sector agroalimentario

Senior Lawyer

Buenos Aires, Argentina

diciembre de 2016 - septiembre de 2017 (9 meses)

Carried out the drafting and negotiation of contracts. Provided advice on surety bonds.
Development of contract management system to minimise risks and automate processes.
Lead corporate law team in M&A project (USD 300 million).
Advised on corporate restructurings.
Registration and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
Review of marketing actions and use of trademarks.
Administration and monitoring of litigation.
Representing the company in mediations.
Management of external advisors, notaries public and the budget of the areas in charge.

Abeledo Gottheil Abogados

Consejo & auditoría


Buenos Aires, Argentina

abril de 2016 - diciembre de 2016 (8 meses)

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