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Nicolas Oharriz

sr recruiter/headhunter - hrbp - hr consultant

Trabaja a distancia desde Barcelona

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Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, España
Trabajo a distancia
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  • Logística & Supply Chain
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Nicolas en pocas palabras

I WANT TO BE YOUT PARTNER: I have dedicated my professional career to HR, adapting my training to new technologies and methods, which has made my role in organisations key to the development of people and business.

As an HRBP, I was able to get to know companies of different sizes, cultures, and structures from the inside, strengthen my empathy for internal and external customers, understand their needs and goals, and develop strategies to meet them.

As a RECRUITER, I have solid experience with many profiles (technical, engineering, finance, project manager, marketing, business intelligence, business developer, key account manager, and C-level, among others). I have advanced headhunting skills and an extensive network to achieve quality and agility in my recruitment process. My LinkedIn network is full of interesting profiles looking for a new opportunity. (+16K)


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futuHRe Consulting

Recursos humanos

Founder: Freelance Tech Recruiter - Senior Headhunter - HR 360º Consultant  - Como freelance

Barcelona, CT, España

agosto de 2020 - Hoy (2 años y 7 meses)

Achievements to date:
• Talent Acquisition: 13 hiring processes achieve in 5 months (headhunting). Companies sector: medical devices, biochemistry, social impact, hospital environment and business intelligence. Roles: Full Stack PHP Developer, Cyber Security Architect, SAP ISH Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer x2, Business Developer, Project Manager x2, Marketing Director, Digital Content Creator, Talent Acquisition Coordinator.
• Employer Branding: Project in a global company to improve its positioning as an employer brand, with positive results as measured by HR metrics: time to hire, quality vs. quantity of applicants, among others. (Five months).
• Personal Branding: Support for people who want to: improve their image as a candidate and professional development. Who wants to change or move to other cities/countries. Who wants to improve their LinkedIn profile. Who wants to learn to face job interviews with positive results (5 success stories).

Kids&Us - Kids&Us

Educación & e-learning


Manresa, España

julio de 2021 - marzo de 2022 (7 meses)

• HRBP: I was hired for a newly created position as the first HRBP in the company. The main objective of my role was to analyse the current situation and organise the different areas within the HR department. Another important task was the elaboration of human resources policies. Learning and development tasks.
• Labour relations: First HR contact person at the newly established headquarters in Milan, Italy. I had to learn Italian labour law to help the Italian team adapt the rules. I was also responsible for analysing compliance with English labour law.
• Onboarding: In charge of the global HR onboarding of all new employees in EMEA. First day at the building host.
• HR Analytics: Responsible for analysing the HR metrics and preparing the HR dashboard for Weekly global meetings.
• Internal Communication: In charge of the biweekly newsletter in three languages (English, Spanish and Catalan) and
internal communication of HR for the whole company in all countries (sharing general news, new labour policies and company business metrics).

CELLNEX TELECOM - Cellnex Telecom


HRBP: Human Resources Business Partner

Barcelona, España

octubre de 2019 - Hoy (3 años y 5 meses)

• HRBP: HR support for internal clients - leading organizational transformation and innovation projects, linking the department HR with other business units.
• Talent Acquisition: E2E Recruitment Process - Headhunting - LinkedIn Master - Project Management Young Talent Acquisition - Employer Branding.
• Talent development: Identifying key positions and preventing talent drain. Identify and train high-potential employees.
• Project Management: Leading the young talent acquisition program - co-leading the diversity and inclusion project:
promoting diversity management and recruitment strategies.
Recursos Humanos Formación desarrollo de personas hrbp Employer Branding young talent program


Logística & Supply Chain

Workforce Staffing Coordinator & High Volume Hiring Lead

Barcelona, España

diciembre de 2017 - octubre de 2019 (1 año y 10 meses)

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