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Pere Roig


Trabaja a distancia desde Barcelona

  • 41.400347
  • 2.159592
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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto se dará por comenzado una vez hayas aceptado el presupuesto de Pere.

Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Trabajo a distancia
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Habilidades (18)

  • IT automation
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • Monitoring
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • Operating system
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado

Pere en pocas palabras

I’m an Engineer with 3 years of experience working as Devops (health industrie) and 5 years as python developer and scrum master (Energy industrie).

I have worked in different projects to create all the architecture, mainly in Cloud in AWS, also with Azure and physical servers.

Using Agile and DevOps culture, with IaC, I was working using a lot of technologies: Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Packer, kubernetes (EKS and Fargate), Haproxy, hashicorp vault (also large variety of AWS services). For the CICD: Jenkins and Nexus mostly. Scripting with python and bash.

I speak several languages, Catalan and spanish as mother languages, French (3 years working and living in France) English and Italian (6 months living in Italy in 2012).



DevOps Engineer

Grenoble, France

diciembre de 2019 - octubre de 2022 (2 años y 10 meses)

Working Remotely. Working in the Infrastructure team. French as current spoken language. English for documentation. Create the infrastructure for internal projects hosted in the AWS cloud, using tools for IaC: Terraform, packer and ansible mainly. Development of testing farm with Jenkins for automatisate the testing environments.. Tools used:
  • Terraform and packer as main tools for IaC. Vagrant as extra
  • Ansible: Software proivisioning and configuration management
  • AWS: Main Cloud. Also Azure, mainly for AD
  • Jenkins
  • Git: bitbucket Mainly. Using also gitlab and github when deploying other apps
  • Haproxy. Main Proxy used for almost all the projects. Configurated with ansible. Also:
  • SysAdmin: mostly in linux environments: ubuntu
  • Scripting tasks with Bash Shell and Python
  • Hashicorp Vault: Start to using. More Theoric than practic nowadays
  • Docker. Any app deployed using docker
  • Nexus. To storage artefacts

Som Energia

Scrum Master and python developer

Girona, Spain

noviembre de 2013 - marzo de 2019 (5 años y 4 meses)

Working as python developer and Scrum Master
  • Python and bash scripting
  • OpenERP (Odoo) development
  • AWS basics
  • Sysadmin basics in ubuntu environments
  • Analysis data with SQL and mongoDB quering
  • Frontend-backend: javascript, angular and flask.
  • Agile skills: Agile Methodologies. Scrum, XP extreme programming (TDD, pair programming ..), prioritization, reviews, retrosprective. Soft Skills: Managing technical to non technical communication, prioritising, analysing issues and developments, good comunication as base to work.

Baobab Energy S.A.

Energy Engineer. Renewable Energy Projects. Leader Biogas Area

Santiago Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

noviembre de 2012 - octubre de 2013 (11 meses)

  • Develop projects
  • Economic and viability analysis
  • Teamwork and facing problems
  • Biogas technology

UPC School (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

IT Collaborator in Computer Science Department

Barcelona, Spain

enero de 2011 - junio de 2012 (1 año y 5 meses)

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