Sergio Fernández Rubio

devsecops mindset in the computer networking field

Murcia, España

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  • Tarifa aproximada 340€ / día
  • Experiencia 2-7 años
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Busca proyectos en Alrededor de Murcia y 50 kms
Busca proyectos en Linux, Ansible, Docker, R, GenieACS

Sergio en pocas palabras

Telecommunications Engineer who likes tinkering with programming languages for networking operations and protocols, as well as hardware/software-oriented projects. I love to automate everything.

I define myself as a responsible, tenacious, and patient person, being committed to the projects I am assigned to. I am a “Never Stop Learning” passionate, ready for the next challenge.


julio de 2014 - septiembre de 2014 | Cartagena, España



Control & Optimization Department Engineer

Goal: Providing IT service for the process control operator
• Programming and controlling Honeywell systems
• Automation of tasks in Batch and FTP
• Regulation processes, PID schematics, multivariable control, split-range, interlocks
  • Honeywell
  • Batch
  • FTP
  • Windows
  • Schematics
abril de 2015 - mayo de 2016 | Cartagena, España


Electrónica Martínez

Software & Network Systems Engineer

Developer, systems integrator, system admin and network assistant
• Working with R, Python, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL, among others
• Integrating Odoo as an ERP solution, and developing new several services for the company, in topics such as task automation and statistics
• SEO and Community Manager @ LinkedIn
• Attending different breakdowns in AirMAX, Mikrotik, DSLAM ADSL/VDSL technologies
• Working most of the time with Ubuntu/Debian systems
• Managing +10 servers in a Hyper-V cluster

Noteworthy results:

- Creating, managing and deploying the needed software in order to auto-configure routers and synchronize DBs. For every new client, now we lose only 3 minutes, rather than 30mins that was the time we were spending before. Total: 10x in saved time.
- Wrote a script in Python to connect via HTTP to all the routers of the company, in order to change several parameters using Selenium
- Cleaned a lot of disorganized data of the old ERP to incorporate it into Odoo, the new ERP of the company, using parallelization in R
- Developed a running task to gather info from 200+ HotSpot APs, and display them beautifully, being “impossible to do” as the CTO and the CTO's right arm said.
- I created a Web Interface for a VDSL DSLAM Huawei via SSH in R.
- Created a Telegram Bot to open the different doors the company has.
marzo de 2016 - agosto de 2017 | Zúrich, Suiza



Software & Network Systems Engineer

Developer and system admin working for Switzerland
• Deploying, configuring and maintaining GenieACS, a server-software which provisions, provides maintenance and monitors end-user devices.
• Working with Ruby, Ruby On Rails, JavaScript, Apache, HTML/CSS, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, Vagrant, Digital Ocean.
• Working with various distros of GNU\Linux
marzo de 2016 - mayo de 2017 | Murcia, España

High tech


Software & Research Engineer

• Researching new dielectric materials for capacitors, for clients in the UK and Bulgaria.
• Researching in several countries about access points of specific characteristics, for clients in South Africa
• Web scraping with R using RSelenium and Rvest packages, for clients in the UK.
  • R
  • Selenium
  • Network Engineering
  • Linux
  • Physics
  • Research
septiembre de 2017 - septiembre de 2018 | Murcia, España


Anvimur Telecomunicaciones

Software & Network Systems Engineer

• Integrating ONTs into the provisioning software
• Working with Debian, MySQL, JavaScript, Python, Huawei OLT/ONT config, TR-069 protocol, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Odoo.
• Leader for the transition from LibreACS to GenieACS within the software.
• Automating the deployment process of the provisioning software in ISPs
• Professionally Certified Huawei Associate
• Developing in Python new version of the PSO software
• Trying to renew the company from its foundations, in order to make the software commercially-competitive again, but sadly, when there is no will, there is no way.
mayo de 2018 - julio de 2019 | Sainte-Anne, Francia


Good Peoples Connected

Software & Hardware & Design Systems Engineer & SecDevOps

• Develop in Python3 using Raspbian as the base image for several projects for the Pi Zero W and PI 3B+. Working with several HATs. Constraints on user-friendliness, portability, and battery-saving, in order to be able to deploy the project in Guadeloupe (The Caribbean).
• Product designer. Developing the CAD files for the enclosures using FreeCAD, designing new add-ons and 3D-printing them.
• DevSecOps. Deploy Ansible with AWX, writing PlayBooks for different projects. Managing The Vault (HashiCorp) to store sensible data. Manage other services like MinIO and Fluent-Bit
febrero de 2018 - Hoy | Chester, Reino Unido

Banca & seguros

AP Data Services Limited

Software Engineer & DevSecOps

• Developing an R Shiny App as a product for financial services for the UK
• Developing an R Shiny App as a product for car part resellers
• Web scraping using RSelenium and Rvest packages
• Use of Docker with ShinyProxy and Jenkins for CI/CD
agosto de 2019 - Hoy | City de Londres, Reino Unido

Prensa & medios

Culture Of Insight

DevOps & Software Systems Engineer

• In charge of the system administration on different servers, architecting and applying DevOps methodologies.
• R Developer, from authentication to API development. Using ShinyProxy.
• Generation of documentation in RMarkdown.


  • Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering

    Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena


    Finished a course per year, with the Highest Honors in several subjects. Topics discussed were Statistics, Networks, Electronic Components, Microwave Engineering, Microprocessors, Optical Communications, Antennas, Software Engineering, Data Science...



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