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Sergio Fernández Rubio

devops & mlops specialist | network virtualization

Puede desplazarse Murcia , Murcia

  • 37.9923
  • -1.1306
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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Sergio.

Localización y desplazamiento

Murcia, España
Puede trabajar en tus oficinas en
  • Alrededor de Murcia y 50 kms
  • Alrededor de Murcia y 50 kms





Habilidades (49)

  • Methodologies
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • BigData
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • Containerization
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • Frameworks
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado
  • Testing
  • Principiante Intermediario Confirmado

Sergio en pocas palabras

Telecommunications Engineer who likes tinkering with programming languages for networking operations and protocols, as well as hardware/software-oriented projects. I love to automate everything.

I define myself as a responsible, tenacious, and patient person, being committed to the projects I am assigned to. I am a “Never Stop Learning” passionate, ready for the next challenge.




Network Virtualization & Research Engineer

Leganés, España

enero de 2020 - Hoy

Researching, designing and developing for the successful completion of the 5G-DIVE European-Taiwanese project. This includes the design and discussion of software architecture and its detailed implementation, revision of formal texts, state-of-the-art research and testing

Research domain: Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), Clusters, AutoML, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), Software Engineering, Database Design, Systems Design, DevOps, ML Ops

• Tech stack:
- Orchestrators/Managers/VIMs such as F0rce, Kubernetes/K3s, Helm, Docker Compose, Fog05, Docker
- Programming languages/Frameworks such as Java, Spring Boot, Python, Flask, R, Shiny
- AI/ML or distributed AutoAI/AutoML platforms such as TensorFlow, Keras, Ray, H2O.ai, TPOT, AutoGluon, NNI
- Distributed ledger technologies/Databases such as Hyperledger Fabric, MongoDB
Kubernetes DevOps MLOps Research H2O.ai Systems Design MongoDB Databases Docker Linux Spring Boot Flask AutoML Hyperledger Fabric K3s

Repsol - REPSOL


Control & Optimization Department Engineer

Cartagena, España

julio de 2014 - septiembre de 2014

Goal: Providing IT service for the process control operator
• Programming and controlling Honeywell systems
• Automation of tasks in Batch and FTP
• Regulation processes, PID schematics, multivariable control, split-range, interlocks
Honeywell Batch FTP Windows Schematics

Electrónica Martínez


Software & Network Systems Engineer

Cartagena, España

abril de 2015 - mayo de 2016

Developer, systems integrator, system admin and network assistant
• Working with R, Python, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL, among others
• Integrating Odoo as an ERP solution, and developing new several services for the company, in topics such as task automation and statistics
• SEO and Community Manager @ LinkedIn
• Attending different breakdowns in AirMAX, Mikrotik, DSLAM ADSL/VDSL technologies
• Working most of the time with Ubuntu/Debian systems
• Managing +10 servers in a Hyper-V cluster

Noteworthy results:

- Creating, managing and deploying the needed software in order to auto-configure routers and synchronize DBs. For every new client, now we lose only 3 minutes, rather than 30mins that was the time we were spending before. Total: 10x in saved time.
- Wrote a script in Python to connect via HTTP to all the routers of the company, in order to change several parameters using Selenium
- Cleaned a lot of disorganized data of the old ERP to incorporate it into Odoo, the new ERP of the company, using parallelization in R
- Developed a running task to gather info from 200+ HotSpot APs, and display them beautifully, being “impossible to do” as the CTO and the CTO's right arm said.
- I created a Web Interface for a VDSL DSLAM Huawei via SSH in R.
- Created a Telegram Bot to open the different doors the company has.
R Python Linux MongoDB MikroTik Ubiquiti SSH Telegram Bots JavaScript GenieACS MySQL PostgreSQL Odoo ADSL VDSL Hyper-V Selenium



Software & Network Systems Engineer

Zúrich, Suiza

marzo de 2016 - agosto de 2017

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