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Alberto Almagro

senior ruby on rails engineer

Trabaja a distancia desde La Coruña

  • 43.3712
  • -8.3959
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Localización y desplazamiento

La Coruña, España
Trabajo a distancia
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Habilidades (16)

Alberto en pocas palabras

Hi! I am a software engineer in love with Ruby on Rails. I work remotely and have +8 years of international professional experience writing back-end code in Germany and Spain. I love to contribute to Open Source, specially to Ruby on Rails.

I have a degree in Computer Science by the University of A Coruña. Since I was eleven, computers and I are inseparable. I started my career in Stuttgart and Munich programming in Java. In Germany I learned how to work with high demanding clients in the German automotive industry and with tenacity, also to speak in German. Besides in German, you can also contact me in English, Spanish or Galician if you want 😉

After a while, I realized I wanted to see the sun from time to time and spend more time with my family, so I went back to Spain, specifically to Barcelona. In Barcelona I started using Ruby on Rails in my daily job (by the way, excellent decision as far as happiness is concerned). After some years being away, I decided it was time to really return home, so inspired by Basecamp, I convinced my company to start working remotely and go back to my home town, A Coruña 😉

In my free time I like to learn new things about many subjects (although they may seem useless) and read many books. I enjoy running and walking, specially near Tower of Hercules. I would like to have my own company, in fact inspired by our experiences in Germany I co-founded Kobabunga together with my wife, but it seems we will have to keep trying harder 😉 I love contributing to Open Source, specially to Ruby on Rails. I enjoy the feeling of giving back to the community and to be able to shape the software I use as I think it should be.


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Ruby on Rails

Edición de software

Open Source Contributor

julio de 2017 - Hoy (4 años y 1 mes)

I enjoy contributing to Open Source projects, mainly to Ruby on Rails, but I also like to contribute if I find something I can fix in other projects or gems. Other relevant projects I have contributed to are the Elixir and Ruby languages.

Rakuten TV - Rakuten

Edición de software

Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

Barcelona, España

junio de 2016 - Hoy (5 años y 3 meses)

- Ruby on Rails 4 & 5 API Development.
- Sinatra API Development.

Remote work since February 2017.
Ruby on Rails API Sinatra Grape Redis RSpec Ruby Desarrollo Back-End


Edición de software

Ruby on Rails Engineer & Co-founder

diciembre de 2015 - Hoy (5 años y 9 meses)

- Full Stack Ruby on Rails Development.
- Migration from Rails 4 to Rails 5.
- Development from scratch.
- Setup & Deployment in Heroku.
- Unifiy template integration.


Edición de software

Teach lead and Software Engineer

Múnich, Alemania

mayo de 2014 - junio de 2016 (2 años y 1 mes)

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