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Enric Bisbe Gil

fullstack developr

Trabaja a distancia desde Montmeló

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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Enric.

Localización y desplazamiento

Montmeló, España
Trabajo a distancia
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octubre de 2017 - Hoy

Skedr.io started as side project that outgrow my expectations. After 4 years of working it has shared 3.1M photos to different groups and has 500k photos scheduled with around 300 users. The oldest commit is from the 8th of October of 2017 but at this point I'm not sure when it really started. It feels long time ago. For me it was a way to move forward my career in the path I thought the technology was moving. I had been working with Laravel ( jQuery and PHP ) but that felt not suited for the new website requirements. A clear crevasse had to be set between frontend and backend. Vuejs was the frontend tool I really felt confident after Laravel introduced them as a useful tool for their ecosystem ( I had prior little experience in Angular ). The most challenging part was building a scalable yet almost 0 cost backend that would support the frontend. At that time graphQL was already more than a fancy word ( not sure at what stage AppSync was though ). Before sticking with graphQL I needed to test if I could enhance the Flickr API with functionality Skedr.io had to offer. Lambda with Node.js would be the perfect battle force to make all calls to Flickr and the strange but yet useful VTL template system would be the perfect fit to get and update all DynamoDB data. The result was a simple schema that mixed both datasources. The frontend wouldn't event know, yet care, where that data came from and Apollo would be the glue for the graphql frontend side. The SQS queues would deliver a constant flow of calls to share photos or adding comments without getting throttled by the Flickr Api. I must admit that Netlify ( web app build tool ), Seed.run ( serverless ci/cd ) and Helpscout ( customer service ) have been a must use for the help they provide.



febrero de 2016 - Hoy

I've been involved in different projects during my freelance time: - Adinton. Migrating existing code base to Laravel app with MongoDB database. Creating new features required and being the Architecture Lead while working with Agile methodologies with in on site workers. - Bikebitants. Project built with Laravel and MongoDB as a Frontend for a Wordpress Woocommerce Site. Built with TDD and CI/CD with Docker and Jenkins. - Visit Seat. Laravel Api built with TDD. - Targo Bank Admin panel built with Vuejs and Vuetify - Bulldoc and Cobramus admin panels built with Vuejs and Serverless Framework under AWS.

Ticket Bureau

Senior Developer

octubre de 2014 - febrero de 2016

Migrating from the old Platform to a new Framework while having to maintain and refactor the legacy website. Participate in multilingual meetings with our developers from Poland to coordinate tasks.



Barcelona y alrededores, España

mayo de 2013 - octubre de 2014

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