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Thomas Shearman

writer: copy, blogs, articles, translation & more

Trabaja a distancia desde Barcelona

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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Thomas.

Localización y desplazamiento

Barcelona, Spain
Trabajo a distancia
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Duración del proyecto
  • ≤ 1 semana
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  • Entre 1 y 3 meses
  • Entre 3 y 6 meses
  • ≥ 6 meses
Sector de negocio
  • Entretenimiento & tiempo libre
  • Medio ambiente
  • Cine & audiovisual
  • Sector agroalimentario
  • Internet de las cosas
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  • 2-10 personas
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Habilidades (22)

Thomas en pocas palabras

I’m a writer and journalist with more than 25 years’ experience; I know words matter.

My specialities are blogs articles, website content, and Spanish to English translation. I’m open to all writing and editing offers.

I craft every piece of writing so that it excels at its purpose, be that ranking highly in search engines, telling a story, or converting sales.

My professional writing can help you to build your business in a multitude of ways.

Blogs increase traffic by blending engaging and varied content with up-to-date keywords used by customers.

Leads and sales grow alongside your audience as your business becomes established as an industry authority.

I can provide SEO-rich web pages and articles to attract even more customers.

I’ve recently built up +6 years’ experience producing SEO-optimised articles and top quality metadata that gets websites on search page 1.

I have translated Spanish to English for:

  • Vineyards (creative, descriptive, persuasive)
  • Water engineering (technical)
  • University articles (academic)
  • Books (creative, editing, research)

I’m looking to work remotely from my home in Spain on a one-off, part-time, or longer projects suitable to my skill set.

A Few Specialities | Skills

  • Writing and editing
  • SEO pieces, metadata
  • Web copy
  • Blogs, articles, guidebooks
  • Translation Spanish to English

My most recent experiences have been in:

  • SEO-rich articles for a translation agency
  • Spanish-English creative, technical, and descriptive translations
  • Industry-specific blogs about renewable energy and science
  • Travel industry (adventure, luxury)

Let's work together.


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Barcelona, España

mayo de 2021 - mayo de 2021

Write a 1,200-word, SEO-rich blog about AI, including an interview, editing, and writing metadata.

Amigo Energy


SEO-rich blog articles


noviembre de 2020 - diciembre de 2020

A series of top-ranking, SEO-optimised 2,000+ word blog articles about renewable energy and the science behind the technology.

Subjects included geothermal energy, wind power, kinetic energy, and electricity. All articles fully researched, referenced, and reached A++ on Clearscope's ranking score.
Writing Research Blog Science Renewables Editing Energy


Writing a web page

Barcelona, España

septiembre de 2020 - septiembre de 2020

700-word text about certificates for a business website.



Creative Copy for Radio

Barcelona, España

marzo de 2020 - Hoy

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