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Fernando Reich

16x salesforce architect

Trabaja a distancia desde Madrid

  • 40.4167
  • -3.70358
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Proponer un proyecto El proyecto sólo comenzará si aceptas el presupuesto de Fernando.

Localización y desplazamiento

Madrid, España
Trabajo a distancia
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Duración del proyecto
  • ≤ 1 semana
  • ≤ 1 mes
  • Entre 1 y 3 meses
  • Entre 3 y 6 meses
  • ≥ 6 meses
Sector de negocio
  • Banca & seguros
  • Industria farmacéutica
  • Telecomunicaciones
Tamaño de la empresa
  • 2-10 personas
  • ≥ 5000 personas
Preferiría evitar:
1 persona




Habilidades (17)

Fernando en pocas palabras

Is your company or organization in need of a technically sophisticated professional with expert knowledge of SDLC processes, solution architecture, and systems analyst and design? Well, then look no further.

With solid education, 15 Salesforce certifications, and strong commercial acumen, I am adept at overseeing implementation of Salesforce solutions for a variety of functions and purposes across a diverse range of industries. Throughout my career, I have proven myself to be a dynamic leader and trusted partner adept at building solid partnerships with project stakeholders to advance organizational goals and business priorities. At the same time, I have extensive experience optimizing performance in high-volume operations.

Please connect with me to learn how my experiences, attributes, and accomplishments align to your company’s overarching goals.


Salesforce Architecture Services - Salesforce

High tech

Salesforce Solution Architect

marzo de 2014 - Hoy (7 años y 7 meses)

Provides comprehensive leadership, direction, and expertise in
development and implementation of Salesforce solutions that align to
business goals and requirements. Interfaces with executive leadership
teams to gather programme requirements and builds cross-functional
teams to enhance delivery process. Maintains open lines of
communication with project stakeholders to ensure attainment of
organisational goals. Designs quality control tests and delivers end-user
Key Projects at:
▪ IBM Bluewolf: Owned responsibility for development and delivery of
business solutions as Salesforce Architect at Abbott Laboratories.
▪ Salesforce: Solution Architect at ITAU Bank and Estado Bank in Chile.
▪ Telefonica Espana: Improved CRM system management with
implementation of bespoke solutions.
▪ Telecom Argentina: Demonstrated exceptional ability to design
Salesforce Solutions and Vlocity Instructor, delivering effective training
to over 100 IT staff members.
▪ Ramsey Solutions: Promptly resolved system issues and designed
solutions for many short-term projects in US.
▪ Fastcloud Consulting: Commended by senior leadership for aligning
solution to customer’s needs and requirements.
▪ Hendercross Global Services: Succeeded in building custom CPQ
Solution using Visualforce, Javascript, and Apex.
▪ Xappia Cloud Expert: Oversaw administration of client contract and
created proposal and solution scope for implementation. Played an
integral role in helping company to secure accounts with Monsanto,
Thomson Reuters, and other high profile clients.
▪ Altimetrik: Received favourable feedback from solution delivered to
Bice Bank in Chile as Service Cloud Consultant.
▪ Nimacloud: Charged with developing business solutions for nonprofits,
educational institutions, and financial services organisations.
▪ Assist Intl Corporation: Reported directly to CEO regarding
management activities and performance of Development, Testing
Department, and Infrastructure Development.

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