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Pascual Aparicio

startup specialist with business development skill

Puede desplazarse Madrid , Madrid, Sevilla

  • 40.4167754
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Localización y desplazamiento

Madrid, Spain
Puede trabajar en tus oficinas en
  • Alrededor de Madrid y 50 kms
  • Alrededor de Madrid y 100 kms
  • Alrededor de Sevilla y 100 kms


Duración del proyecto
  • Entre 3 y 6 meses
  • ≥ 6 meses
Sector de negocio
  • Consejo & auditoría
  • Agencias de subcontratación
  • E-commerce
  • Educación & e-learning
  • Entretenimiento & tiempo libre
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Habilidades (8)

Pascual en pocas palabras

Pasionated, Human Being Believer, Networker, Social Media Sensei.

Deep Business Development background as Indirect Sales Manager for ONO and Neo-Sky, both large telecommunication companies in Spain, that provides Cable, DSL, Fiber Optics and Satellite solutions to majors companies in Spain. I have 10 years of Industry experience. Previously I was Business Development Manager for Fujitsu-Siemens Computers in the same region, and prior to it, managed my own telecommunications consulting firm for five years.

For the last 10 years, I've been involved in Startup and Entrepreneurial programs and experiences, where I have developed a deep understanding of the Spanish and European Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, based in my own experience leading different companies and Initiatives.

- Founder & CEO of Facetoria where we developed Facebook and Mobile Apps, and provide Consultancy, Strategy and Educational services to the companies that wants to start in Social Media. A huge Learn from Failure and how to stand up once again.

- Team member in 2012 and 2013, Conductor for Spain of StartupBus 2015 and 2016.

- Co-Founder of StartupsMansion, a three months program for entrepreneurs in NYC

- Co-Founder & organizer of xSpain, a 3-day event about Music, Cinema, Tech and Entrepreneurship hosted in Madrid in Sept 2015 and Sept 2016

Fluent in English and Spanish., I usually work as independent consultant in Business Development & Social Media Strategy for startups and companies.


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Consejo & auditoría

Product Manager Programa #Lánzate

Madrid, Spain

marzo de 2017 - Hoy

Orange (France Telecom) is the second Telecom operator in Spain with a 27% share of the market and over 20MM clients, and one of the largest players in Telecom industry in Europe.

EOI is the main public business school in Spain, and the first to be founded in 1955, with over 55.000 alumni and an open campus with over 1.200 associated teachers, with a strong presence of business professionals.

#Lánzate is a program for spanish startups who get access to a series of one on one mentorship sessions with the main CEOs and General Managers in Spain of top tier tech companies like Microsoft, Orange, HP, Facebook, SONY Pictures, Ericsson, ING… In this program I’m a member of the team that designs the program features and rules, define communication strategies, be a member of the selection committee, and organize the pitch competition for the final selection of participants.

As Product Manager, I'm in charge of develop a network of collaborators that help us to spread the voice of the program, and get their startups into the competition, these partners are Incubators, accelerators, both public, private or public/private initiatives, Corporate startup Programs, Startup Organizations, and any other initiative that involves Startups and Entrepreneurs as their main focus.

In 2016 Orange Telecom and EOI(Escuela de organización industrial) set up a program (Se Digital) to develop digital skills in the basic segment of local business and independent professionals in Spain, this program is developed locally with the help of local or regional governments all over Spain. Since then over 10.000 students has applied to attend this online classes, with a 35% success rate, which is remarkable being a free course.

Since March 2017 I’m in charge of build and maintain an online community for these “Se Digital” alumni, nurturing it with content, activities, events info, etc… Nowadays this community is over 730 members and over 500 active members.

Conector Startup Accelerator

Consejo & auditoría

Madrid Program Manager

Madrid, Spain

junio de 2018 - abril de 2019

As program manager in Madrid, I am in charge of executing the Conector acceleration programs in Madrid, from checking and managing the flow of Startups that apply, helping and informing startups through the application and negotiation process, organize and attend the program boards, mentor-startup sessions, Startup Day at the beginning and Demo Day with investors at the end of the program, and be the face of the program in the Startup ecosystem of Madrid, attracting new candidates and dealing with possible partners who run one of our programs under a white label model.
Start-up Projet Management entrepreneurship Partnerships Business development


Viajes & turismo


New York, NY, USA

febrero de 2014 - Hoy

Co-Founder in StartupsMansion, a program for 30 spanish entrepreneurs in NYC for three months, has
finished his first edition and I’ve been in charge of leading all the experience, dealing with partners and
sponsors before the start of the experience itself, leading negotiations with advisors, universities, companies and local partners in NYC, and opening business opportunities for the establishment and growth of the program and the participants startups within the New York Startup ecosystem, accelerators and universities for the continuity of both the program and the projects that take part in it.

After our return from NYC, I’m in charge of the negotiations with new partners and sponsors, and the creation of new programs. StartupsMansion is a different entrepreneurial space. 30 entrepreneurs for three months in New York, have work to create the best possible projects, in a privileged ecosystem, and presented them to investors.

StartupsMansion is a different program from all others, who joins a residence entrepreneurs and an
incubator, while offering accommodation and workspace in NYC. Experience has been broadcasted online
every week through a short program.
Start-up Lean startup entrepreneurship coliving coworking program managment

Asociacion Española de Startups

Sector público & comunidad

Madrid International LAB Manager

Madrid, Spain

agosto de 2016 - diciembre de 2016

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